The Great Sperm Race

Somebody in ttc posted this link and i've just watched. it's amazing!!!

x x x


  • I've wanted to see this! I'm gonna take a look xxx
  • Ohh we watched this last year on ch4, it's such an amazing in depth programme!!! Glad you enjoyed it!! My oh felt sorry for his little boys after watching LOL!! xx
  • They really are warriors aren't they!!

    What confused me was the sperm meeting egg in the tube and hubby's boy went up the tube, couldn't see anything, got a bit stroppy and when straight to the ovary and ambushed my egg and made it grow so it couldn't fit down the tube!!

    I loved the goumet sex bit! x x
  • He he he silly spermies!!!

    Very interesting programme though

    Did you watch one born every minute on bbc3 the otehr day? xx
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