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TTC after miscarriage before AF arrives

Hi all,
I had an ERPC on 21 January, nearly one week ago. I have recovered well and had very little bleeding. I normally have a 28 day cycle and my last period prior to being pregnant was 27 October. I know they say that your period should arrive between four and six weeks after the ERPC. Should your period come back around the same time it would have if you had not fallen pregnant eg end of Feb? Does anyone know when I would expect to ovulate?

I am unsure whether to follow medical advice and wait until my first period arrives as at least then I will know when I will ovulate and can ensure we are having sex at the right times.

I am still devastated following my miscarriage and think the only way I will feel better will be to be pregnant again. If anything happened with my second pregnancy I would be worried that it was because I did not follow the Doctors advice to wiat for my first period.

Any help would be greattly appreciated.


  • Hello Ellie

    So sorry to hear about your erpc.

    I had an erpc at the end of September, and my period came back roughly 30 days later. However other people took longer for that first af to arrive, so I don;t think there are any hard and fast rules about it.

    As for trying again before your af - I think this is really up to the both of you. I know of ladies who fell pg right after a mc who carried to full term and had healthy babies, but then I also know ladies who fell pg and sadly mc'd again. Again, I don;t think there are any definite answers to your question.

    For myself, I waited three cycles before ttc again, and I was so glad of the head space to come to terms with our loss and to begin to feel positive again.

  • hey,
    im kinda in the same boat as you, before my miscarriage, my last period was 28th OCT so our babies would have been due around the same time image

    i miscarried over xmas and only stopped bleeding a week ago. I also have no idea when my period will arrive...except being told it can be 4-6 weeks! as far as i know it wont necessarily come around the same time as usual, kuz your cycle will now be different due to the miscarriage.

    My gyno advised me that now i have stopped bleeding we can start ttc stright away without waiting 1 cycle (i miscarried naturally)...but from what my gyno said there is not an incresed risk of miscarriage if you do get pregnant before AF. she also said it depends on the person, but it is possible to ovulate 2 weeks after the miscarriage.

    i know what you mean about just wanting to be preg again, which is why we have started ttc again before AF!

    i dont know if this helped at all, but good luck with ttc hope you get some good news soon! xxx
  • hi Ellie300,

    I asked a similar question a few weeks ago - check out my other topics.

    I was told to wait between 1 - 3 cycles, with my local gp telling me to wait at least 2 cycles before we ttc again.

    I bled for 8 weeks and was so frustrated at being stuck in limbo. ive stopped bleeding now (since the weekend) and we've had a few "accidents".

    ive been told that there is no medical reason other than dating reasons to wait for first AF - and that can be sorted with a dating scan.

    I know its early days for you hun, but I mc 9 weeks ago and Im feeling a lot more positive about ttc and the future. I obv was devasted when it all happened, but just wanted to let you know that it does get easier.

    x x x

  • Hi I am 16 days on from my erpc and it looks like I am finally stopping bleeding!!!! I am definitely going to start asap hopefully this weekendimage. I spoke to my doctor on Tuesday and she said if I felt ready to 'go for it' - her words! The only issue is dating which would be sorted out at the scan. Plus she said some people are more fertile straight after a mc. I had very irregular periods prior to my BFP the last starting on 21st Oct. They have ranged from 30 -76 days in length so I have absolutely no idea when to expect it. I have started opks tests and temps even though I know it may not be too accurate this cycle. As soon as AF turns up (if it doesimage) I will turn my trusted CBFM on and hope my cycles may have sorted themselves out a bit! Good luck sweetie if you feel ready 'go for it'!!!
  • Thanks for your comments ladies. It is difficult to know what to do for the best. I think I will leave it a couple of weeks and see if my AF arrives. If not we will go for it anyway.
  • Good Luck Ellie

    It's hard after a mc cause your never quite sure what your body will do.

    I have been told that the wait is just for dating purposes.

    Wishing you lots of luck if you decide to go for it xxx
  • Well Bd ed for the first time last night since November and although pleased I had finally stopped bleeding got quite upset! Kept thinking about having to start all over again and how I should be pg! Took me all my time not to cry. Obviously still a bit hormonal! Took us 13 months last time and I am not sure if I could wait that long again!
  • Muffin, you may not have to wait that long. As moony said, just do it as often as you can! I'm not trusting opk's this month as hormones are all over the place. This week I had what felt like ov pains so we went for it. If it happens, it happens...
    The first time we bd'd (sunday) it felt very strange to me. I can totally understand why you got upset.
    It's very hard isn't it?
    Keep trying hun, it'll happen again for you - and all of us!
  • It took me 7 months to fall with my first and mc naturally last Jan. I didnt wait as felt I needed to be pg again and fell straight away. The reason for waiting, I was told, is just for dating, but they dated me from the date of my mc. I thought I was further as I was so so poorly but found out at private scan that reason for being so poorly was that I was carrying 2 babies! I now have 2 healthy 16 weeks old id twin boys.

    The first time we bd it was awful. I couldnt believe that I had lost my baby, with all the hopes and dreams that come with it but things do come right in the end. I do think of my first pg, especially on my DD and on the day the boys were born. It doesnt go away but it does get easier.

    Just wanted to share my success to give you all a bit of hope. Good Luck to you all.

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 16 + 5
  • Not sure if I had ovulation pains yesterday or not! Sudden pain on my right side which I have had before I would be cd18 which is about right for me. Opks still said negative. Bd just encase! Then could not sleep thinking about it all! Last look at the clock was at 3am!
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