Not TTC yet but wanted some advice please x


I should have been 10 weeks last week but started bleeding last friday. Had a scan on Monday and they confirmed I'd had a missed miscarriage. They said I could let nature take it's course, take the tablet, or have the surgery. I couldn't bring myself to do anything so let nature take it's course.

Yesterday I had contractions for 3 hours and then passed my baby. It was painful and distressing but I actually feel a bit better this morning, like I can get a bit of closure now.

I was just wondering is the worst over now? I'm still bleeding as expected and have a few cramps and pains but is this it?

Thanks xx


  • Hi Hunni,

    Its a horrid thing to go through and i'm so sorry. I had a natural mc at 6 weeks and had 2 days of contractions before I passed the baby. Once I did the bleeding slowly began to ease and I bled for about another week after I passed the baby. Once the baby is passed the worst is over and it will get better.

    Please take care of yourself hunni.

  • Hi sorry for your lossxx
    I had NMC at 9 weeks, bled heavy for 2 weeks before baby passed. After that bleeding stopped very quickly. Physically felt fine after a couple of days. I would say physically you are over the worst. Now the emotional part to deal with. I think thats the hardest. Take comfort in family and friends, also the girls here are great, you are definately not alone. Life is pretty hard sometimes, and really not fair . Look after yourself xxx
  • Hi hun,

    The worst is definately over! Physically the pain will be much less, although you may continue to bleed for a little while!

    Emotionally you can now start to deal with the situation, like you i felt a little closure when everything had passed and i started to grieve. Just remember to keep talking to each other and supporting each other, i found this very important!

    Good luck and i hope you feel better soon!
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