has anyone experienced this

i reccently founnd out im pregnant after a mc in november . i never had no period in between so dont no how it will be dated, im worried as iv had some brown wen i wiped so really worried wat this is. also had no sickness is this normal?


  • how long after your mc did you get bfp and what type tests? that might give them some idea of dates. they may do early scan to check for you. small amount of brown discharge could be normal, may just be implantation, but prob worth telling docs.
    no sickness can be normal for some people. my mum never had any with me or bro. and although I've felt a little queasy occas I've not been sick with either preg that mc'd in sept, or current preg (5+5).
    good luck with everything. hope it's just implantation and your bean is snuggling in tight.
  • i found out on new years day did boots test and cpd which said 3+ since conception. just really worried i guess but then i bet you are too. boobs have been aching but dont seem to be is this normal or am i goin mad
  • lots of people say symptoms fluctuate. my boobs are only sore when I take bra off at night.
    We've booked a private scan at 8 weeks, as that's when I MC'd last time. I think if everything is ok then I'll feel less worried.
    do you have any scans booked? how far on have your docs estimated? coz you could be 7weeks if you got bfp on new years day. you might have a heartbeat in there!
  • Hi kaiyleigh,
    congratulations on bfp
    Try not to worry (easier said than done!) it could be implantation bleed like gemgems said. I had that with bfp's and many women do, as long as it's not heavy or with clots i was told not to worry, but after mc i'd mention any bleeding to mw or gp.
    As for dating -scans are so acurate now, they will date you from that.
    Also I read lots and lots about ttc straight after mc and most articles I read said there was no need to wait for af
    Hope everything goes well for you
    Wishing you a healthy & happy pregnancy
    nettie xxx
  • docs think its im about 5weeks i mc at 8wks last time(silent mc) yes i have a scan booked for next tues and im petrified. i metioned it to doc and he said it could be old blood left over from the mc. boobs do feel lumpy but dont seam to ache 2day .. only other symtoms is going to the loo loadz and tierdness
  • thnax hun just really scared and worried bout symtoms any ideas
  • Hi Kaiyleigh,

    it sounds like old blood (which is a good sign), take it easy the next few days and good luck for you scan.

    x x x
  • Good luck sweetie! So pleased to hear your news about your BFP!!
  • thanks all just so worried..want all to be ok this time. im constantly on knicker watch. is it normal nt 2 have or feel sick
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