Tested 2 Days Early..

Hey Ladies!!

Well...going by ,my 28 day cycle i should be due on thursday but i was looking at the tests 2day and just had to do one! BFN!!!! bit disappointed but hoping its just to early!
Im stil very bloated and i never get these before im due on! if af does arrive then im going on a serious diet!!!
boobs arnt sore but definately fuller and darker
backs hurting but could be from work moving things around
im very stressed and moody!!
Going to test again friday!

Good Luck Everyone! xxx


  • Maybe it could still be a little early.
    I was due on tomorrow/thurs but AF arrived today image
    I thought i had a few symptoms but think maybe was more in my head lol.
    So im out for this month and hoping the next 2 weeks go quick so i can try again lol.
    Good luck and lots of baby dust xxxx
  • Hope its still to early for you treacs and you get your BFP in a couple of days xx Baby Dust xx
    I was starting to convince myself I was having Pg symptoms, AF due today so I just tested and a BFN, now I feel blue and want chocolate ... sorry AF found you early this month Baby Now xxx
  • I was due yesterday, no AF yet but lots of cramps telling me she is on her way. Also have sore boobs but get them every month.

    Had BFN on Sun, Mon and Tues, didn't test today as I have ran out of sticks on which to pee!! I will get some at lunch time and re-test tomoz if no AF?

    Fingers crossed for you! x
  • Good luck for testng Fri, I have my fingers crossed for you, Zxx
  • thanks ladies! good luck to everyone image x
  • I tested on Sunday hun and it was Negative tested again on Wed I had a postive, so maybe you have tested too early.

    Hope yo get some good news tomorrow. I have everything crossed for you.

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