BFN Woo!

Hi girls,

I hope you are all well. Just wanted to log on quickly to let you know I had a phone appointment today and had to do a HPT. It's a BFN which I am made up about as I was told if it was still positive I'd have to go in for scan and probably the op. So relieved!

The hosp were really nice and told me if I get pg again I just need to phone up at 6-7 weeks and they will do a reassurance scan. I really wasn't expecting that.

How is everyone feeling now? I was absolutley desperate to get pg before mc and thought we were going to try again straight away but now I feel so apprehensive. All the excitement about pg has gone and I feel that if I do get pg again I'm just setting myself up for 9 months of worry and sad times. It's just so difficult to know what to do as part of me thinks I'll just put it off and enjoy being carefree to some extent for a while. My hubby says we don't need to make a decision straight away but what if this feeling is short-term and I miss this month's chance and then kick myself for not trying this month. Oh decisions, decisions. I guess until I am absolutely committed to trying then we should wait. Grrr!

Sorry I haven't been on much this week...having a hectic week...but will try to get on to catch up with all your posts this avvy!



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