ah well

well ladies did another clearblue today and it says not pregnant ,it mustve been chemical this time so the wait goes on.af due tomorrow so ill expect it within a couple days.this happened after the first mmc i had then i got pregnant properly a couple months later.maybe my body just not ready yet.booo hope you ladies are having better luckxxxxxxxx


  • Oh im so sorry hun this happened to us after our mmc in Aug I was waiting forever for AF then got a +ve test & a +ve CBD 2 days later it was -ve!!

    I hope that AF doesnt arrive & its just a faulty test hun.
    Hugs xxx
  • Oh, I really sorry to hear that Roisine.
    It sucks that things like this happen. Maybe it was a faulty test? If not, I'm sure your body will get itself nice and ready for next time.
    xx xx xx
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