can you help

hi its takingme a long time to post my story . my baby was due in dec but startted bleeding at 11 weeks and was told the baby had died .i had a natural misscarriage which started the day befor my 40th birthday , what i wanted to ask was when is my period due i started bleedin on may the 8th and didnt finish for 3 weeks the dr at the hospital said about 4 weeks after but is this from the first bleeding or when they confirmed the misscarriage on the 12 or when the bleeding stops sorry i should have asked at the hospital but was in a bit of a state any help is much apprieciated thanks


  • hiya
    didnt want to read and run, but thats what i wanted to know as well, ive just finished bleeding from my mc.
    hope ur okay, H x
  • I dont really know but I will tell you what happened to me.

    I found out my baby had died on 12th May (I was 9 weeks and baby had just died)
    I had a D&C on Monday the 17th and bled for about a week.
    Sunday the 13th June had some brown spotting which I am assuming is af as is still here but has not turned red. So my af came 1 day short of 4 weeks.

    Its very annoying waiting for your body to go back to normal.

    Lots of luck xx
  • Hi hun, what was the date you miscarried? this is classed as day one of recovery and you can bleed for up to 2 weeks but this can vary, you then need to not bleed for around 20 days in a row to class the next bleed as your actual AF which can usually show itself about 4-6 weeks after miscarriage.
    I miscarried on the 30th May (Sunday) and my period (hoping I get pregnant first) is due around 1st week of July.
    hope this helps
  • thank you for all your replies i think the baby came away on the 15th of may so i should be due around now i tested on tues and it was a bfn so im expecting af to appear within the next 2 weeks many thanks again
  • good luck hun, I know you might be dreading AF coming but its a good thing as it means your body will be ready..
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