omg! i think i may have just got a BFP!? - UPDATE

omg i always test with my bf with me but i just had this feeling when i got home from work today and poas!
i have a feint line and i just cant believe it but dont know if its true!! its an ebay cheapy.
i wasnt going to test until 2nd june. my AF havnt been regular since my mc, so if it was a 28 day cycle AF would have been due on sunday just gone, but a 40ish day cycle like i have been having lately i wudnt be due until 2nd or 3rd june!!
i would upload a pic if i knew how to!
cant wait til OH gets home in an hour he is going to be so shocked!!!
(altho still not sure if the preg test is right??)

Heya guys,
well i did another test this morning and i definatly ave my BFP!!
got a much stronger line this time!
although i am excited it still doesnt seem real and i am nervous as i dont want anything to go wrong this time! i keep thinking it just wont develop into a proper pregnancy!
i need PMA!

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  • Hi hun, just dropped by to see you all and seen your post! Soooo excited for you!! I got my first BFP (really really faint) on an ebay cheapie. To upload a pic the easiest way is to upload to photobucket, then click on the 'share' option, copy the IMG code and paste it here then change the IMG at the start and end of the link to small letters and hey presto.

    Here's my line on the cheapie to show you how faint it was:

    Sounds like congrats are in order hun! I'll whisper it for now until you do your full announcement!! xx
  • Arrggh! Sian!! WooHoo!! That is MEGA news!!!

    Soooooooooo Soooooooo chuffed for you!! Mwah xxx
  • heya thanks guys!!
    ooo i havnt got photobucket but oh well!!
    going to do another test in the morning to see if its darker, but there is a def line its only a little lighter than the other line!
    im really nervous though i dont want anything to go wrong this time...i will de be hanging around here for a while!!
  • congrats on ur news. heres to u haveing a h & h nine months

  • Huge congrats again hun, so happy for you! x x x
  • woohoo!! congrats to you hun!! fingers crossed! wen will you be due??? hopefuly see u in DIJ!!! image Xx
  • hey claire!!
    i dont know which month i will be in as working on a 28 day cycle i would be due 30th Jan!! But i think i will actually be due more like 4th feb kinda time but i will let u know image
    hope everythin is going well with u and ur lil bean!!xxx
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