Counting Down The Days...

Hey Ladies Hope Your All Ok

im now on cd24... hoping iv gone back to my old 28 day cycle as thats what im going by anyway!!
feeling bit rubbish at minute... im tired, stressed, very bloated bit of backche, boobs bigger but not sore...
not sure if im imagining things or AFs going to arrive... just counting down the days til thursday... if i havnt come on then im testing friday... which is my best friends 21st so i dont want to drink loads if i am!!!... even still im not going to go mad on the drink cos i know that some tests take a wile before they show a BFP... lots of baby dust to everyone!!!

claire xxx


  • Hope you get some positive news hun.

  • xxfingers crossedxx
  • Hope its a BFP for you im testing may 3rd if she hasnt shown up hahahahaah xxx
  • Best of luck, hope you get your BFP!! Zxx
  • thanks ladies! sending lots of luck to all the rest of you too! image x
  • Good luck image
    You commented on my post the other day as we were to receive the WITCH on the same date.
    I thought i had a few symptoms but AF has literally just arrived 2 days early for me!
    So im out for this month sadly but got my fingers crossed for next month image
    Lots of baby dust to you
  • well i tested 2day i was very norty!! BFN!! not even a faint line! hoping its just to early. sorry your out hun!! how annoying it got u early!!! good luck for next month xxx
  • heya yummymummy!!
    really hope you get you BFP on friday!
    i also test early its too tempting!!! hehe.
    sorry if ive just missed stuff but are you back with your bf now? because i remember saying last month you had split up...? hope u r ok!
  • hey yea were all good now! was just going through stressful time!!! im trying not to test again 2day! goin by my cycle before mc AF should be due 2day... guna try and wait till 2moro lol! hope your ok hun! xxx
  • hiya,
    aw glad everything has got sorted!! it is hard for a couple to go through a mc, i find i often start an argument with my bf for no reason! i just start saying stupid things like he doesnt care about the mc as much as he does etc and i dont mean it, i just have to take my stress out!!
    really hope you just tested to early and u get ur bfp!
  • Hey hun, was thinking about you earlier wondering if you got your BFP image
    Im hoping the next 2 weeks go quick so i can ttc again lol.
    Doc told me why not just do it everyday and make it fun hehe. That way will take away the stress of ttc and make us more relaxed.
    So we going to try that this month, im making OH get lots of rest whilst the witch is here haha.
    Really hope you get your BFP hun, sending you lots of baby dust image
    emma xx
  • thank u ladies! image teasted again 2day but not with FMU.. BFN yet again! i reckon im now a 35 day cycle so could have ovulated later.. BD quite abit this month though. going to test again 2moro wid FMU and if stil negative and no AF by monday il test again!!! think im going abit crazy ha! xx
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