Hormones a plenty!

Hi all

Im due my af on thurs, my 1st since mc. (this is is cycles are back to 'normal' 27-30 days)

My hormones seem to have gone a bit wild, im super spotty, keep getting tired and have just well-ed up watching airline at a woman who was scared of flying. Also Im super on edge and keep getting angry for no reason - hubby is getting most of the flak but also the cashier in morissons for not being careful with my eggs!

Is it all just because my hormones are stil unbalanced from mc or am i losing the plot?
All my pg symptoms went within a week of bean dying, that was a week before i actually mc.

Just wondered what anyone else was like of return of AF?

H x


  • Hi hun,

    I'm just waiting on 2nd AF and i feel exactly the same. I am very hormonal, tired and dehydrated! I also have cramping, similar to AF but a little different too like when i was pg. But i am very aware that all this could be AF!

    When are you testing?

    Good luck image
  • Hi,
    my ERPC was 5 weeks ago on Friday and just got my 1st AF late last night. I experienced just my pre pregnancy period hormones (back ache and slight tummy cramps) but definately different to when I was pregnant....
    Just glad that my body is back to normal and I can ttc again properly without having to guess dates ect.

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