I am really not sure if i am OV'ing or not!?! :\?
Last month had no EWCM and always get it when i OV and its same again this month!
I dont know if im just not OV'ing or what...

I was due to OV on fri/sat so we BD on fri, missed sat, done it twice on sunday and once monday.

Today i seem to be getting cramping, only a little in my lower abdomen but quite a bit in my lower back, also getting quite a lot of white creamy CM.
Feels like AF is here so i run to loo and its just lots of creamy CM (sorry tmi)

Does anyone know what it could be?



  • Not sure, have you tried the OV sticks to show whether you are or have OV?

    I know in my experience I have been pregnant when I get loads of CM but maybe it is too early for that.

    Sorry I cannot help more
  • I have found that this month (1st month after mmc) that I have had very little EWCM and can't work out if I have ov'd or not. Used Ov sticks but as my cycle is all over the place I could have ov'd before I started using them this month. Have had a little creamy CM but not a lot - I just don't know where my cycle is atm so can only wait until AF arrives to know wher eI am with it all. Have been bd since I stopped bleeding from mmc so hopefully if I have ov'd early this month we have been successful but I have a feeling I haven't ov's this month at all image
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