Question about OPKs?

Hey girlies,

Just wanted to ask about OPKs. This is the first month I've been using OPK and I'm now on CD13 but haven't really got much of a line on a stick yet. Was wondering if the LH builds up gradually so you get a slightly darker line every day or whether you can go from hardly any line to a really dark line?

Cheers, Jo x x x


  • Hi Jo,
    I'm not sure of the answer to that one. I haven't used opks properly although I probably will next month if i get AF tomorrow!! I will wait to see what the answer is!!!!
  • Hi hun, LH happens in surges so one day you could have hardly any line and the next you will get your dark line. Just be sure to test in afternoon/evening times xx
  • Hi Jo

    I have used various OPK tests over the months. Generally speaking, you'll have a "control" line and a "test" line. To show a +ve result, the test line must be as dark as or darker than the control line. At that time, you will then be about 24-36 hours away from your peak fertility.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

    Lynn x
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