Tested this morning...now i'm scared again!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

I am 9 dpo today and took a hpt which is BFP (it is light but i can see it!!) came up within the 3 mins and everything!

I told myself i wasn't going to test early this month due to a chemical pg in February but DH and I had sex last night which felt really different and afterwards I had light pink /red spotting... I checked again this morning and there was very slight pink spotting which has just about gone (implantation or cervix irritation?).

I have had no other symptoms except feeling as though I have a cold/ sore throat coming on....

I'm so surprised with the result and now I am scared because of the chemical pg in February (and lack of symptoms).. i also had another early miscarriage back in Dec 2009 at 7 weeks..

I'm not going to tell hubby until closer to AF (due on Tues) as he was so disappointed last time and i would want to be sure.

Sorry for rambling i'm just in shock! xx


  • That sounds exciting hun, but I would do a digital just to be sure. I've had a couple of chemicals and I don't consider HPT's as positive unless I see it in writing, especially when its 5 days before AF is due!

    Good luck and I really hope it's sticky! xxx
  • Hi,

    yeah was going to get more tests today i think. Might wait till the morning and do a digital test.

    Fingers crossed xxx
  • Whispers congrats. let us know how u get on tomorrow

  • Fingers crossed sweets. Keep us updated xx
  • Update!!

    Just did a First Response and it was quite a bright positive, clearly visable! and a clear blue digital and it says pregnant 1 -2!!

    fxd xx
  • Wow congratulations hun!!xxx
  • Fantastic news!!! Wishing you HH 9 months xxx
  • oooh congrats! i am currently in the same situation!! i just dont believe it can be a bfp!!
    i have had sore boobs but they have got a lot better the last few days so am confused image hope its not a bad sign image
    keep us updated! xxx
  • Wonderful news hun, congrats!! xx
  • Thanks everyone...trying not to get my hopes up!

    sian congratulations to you!! What dpo were you then when you got your bfp?

    I've not really had any symptoms at all, boobs aren't sore either, slightly tender on the outside thats about it. Oh and had headaches most of the day and sneezing as though i've got a cold??

    Have u got any symptoms?
  • Wooo! that is just wonderful kiddo! CONGRATS!! xxxx
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