Experiences after MMC

Hi All - I just wanted to introduce myself and say "hi" as I haven't posted in this forum before.

Me and my hubby found out that we were pregnant with our first baby in September and unfortunately the baby stopped growing at 8 weeks and I had medical management of miscarriage on 10th October.

We are both desperate to have a baby and decided not to wait before trying again, so started trying to get pregnant straight away after the bleeding had stopped after the MC.

I haven't had a period yet, and my pre-MC pregnancy symptoms seem to be back again. Sore boobs, moody, bloated etc..... my question is, could I be pregnant again? Or is it too soon to tell? I know if I think sensibly that only time will tell, but I was keen to see what other peoples' experiences have been.

Thanks for listening, I'm sure that other people who are desperate for a baby will have asked this question a million times before!!


  • HI

    Just thought I would say hello and to pass on my best wishes after your mc. I had a mmc/erpc at the end of September at 11+6. Lots of ladies on this forum started ttc straight after their mc, but I have waited a couple of months, which has been right for me. There have been quite a few ladies who fell pregnant straight after their mc, before a "real" af, so it is possible! Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  • hey hun, i'm sorry to hear of your loss. your in a situation i was in in august. i found out at our 12wk scan that my bean had died at 8 weeks (i'd seen it's hb at 6 and then at 7) i too had medical management (not many on here appear to have had this and personally i have to say i wouldn't choose that option again if i were to be that unfortunate a 2nd time). we too started ttc straight away but now starting 3rd cycle. it does happen though, a girl on here recently got pg after her mc without an AF in between! I was convinced i was pg this cycle but sadly i wasn't - sometimes we all say on here that our minds make up the symptoms cus we want it so bad. ttc again gave me something to focus on and the way i saw it was that if my body wasn't ready it wouldn't happen but i knew we had to try. I had my first AF 8 weeks after the med management as i OV'd 6 weeks later. it does get easier, you won't ever forget and i always feel sad that when i do conceive again it won't be like that 1st time was supposed/ would've been but it honestly does get easier. The girls on here are lovely too and we all try and help each other! xx
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