CD12 - Anyone With Me? :D

Hi Ladies, well, CD10 today, was thinking about following the SMEP again, so in theory should be BDing every other day until I get my smiley on my ovulation? image Just not sure though, we followed it last month, but was not to be.... Surely just by BDing every other day, you will catch one day ok? What does everyone think?? I'm really trying not to stress about it this month and want to just chill with the whole thing. You read of some ladies falling when they didn't think they had really tried or even just did it the once around ovulation, so makes you wonder...?


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  • anyone....?? I need a cycle buddy!! image Zxx

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  • Would love to but no idea what is going on with my body now i have been told i have high prolactin!! So am not ovulating am in at docs on wed so will keep you posted! Good luck this month i really hope it happens for you xxxxxx
  • Hi Leanne, gosh have never heard of that - have just read your other thread. Best of luck at the docs, let me know how you get on. Take care sweet. Zxx
  • Hi,

    I am on CD11 today so I can be your cycle buddy. I am going to try and follow SMEP this month. Anything is worth a try. It has been 6 months since my miscarriage and so want to get pregnant. Hope this is our month.
  • Hi Ellie, don't think we have spoken before? I fell pregnant in Jan, then unfortunately we suffered a missed miscarriage in March. Have been trying since. Have had 3 periods, April, May and June. I so don't want to have one in July!!! Have you started BDing then, they say from CD8 I think, every other day until ovulation. We started CD10 really. Fingers crossed for us. Zxx

  • Hi Z,

    yes we started BDing on day 8 and will contunue until ovulation. Last month I did not get me smiley face on ovulation test until day 18 and that was the weekend my husband was on a stag do, typical! Doing my ovulation tests in the morning as I work long hours and there is no-way I can do them at work. Not sure why they say to do them in the afternoon as on the clearblue packet they say most women do them first thing in the morning. good luck and keep me updated.
  • Hi Ellie, how you doing? I got my smiley last month on CD15, which for us will be this Thursday, will test tomorrow though just in case. Seems to be around day 15 or 16 anyway Good luck to you too sweet. Zxx
  • Hi girls sorry I can't be a cycle buddy as I am CD27 today but just wanted to say lots of luck for this cycle x
  • Hi Z,

    I started doing my ovulation tests on day 10 again which is probably a total waste of money if I don't get my smiley face until day 18. Only started the ovulation tests last month and thought that it could be different his month and don't want to miss it. Day 12 for me today so think ovulation will occur Sunday/Monday.
  • Hi ladies,

    I'm cd23 but yet to see a peak on cbfm so can i move over to this thread as all the ladies on mine are well into the 2ww image

    Hopefully i get my peak soon, it's driving me crazy! I would love to see a couple of us ttc after mc ladies in DIM!

    Lots of luck
  • Hi Ellie, CD15 for me tomorrow, so wil do my CB digi ovulation thing in the morning, hope I get my smiley, then I can BD 3 days in a row!! Lol.

    Lady - best of luck to you. Zxx
  • How we all getting on?

    I'm cd25 now and bac down to lows on cbfm so i have no idea whats going on or when to expect AF!

    Hope everyone else is doing better than me!
  • Hi Lady, CD16 for me and no smiley, last two months have had them on CD15, maybe I'm guna ovulate later this month!! Zxx
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