Hugs needed - feeling :(

Hi girls,

I am in need of some of your hugs today image

AF came today (after an afternoon of period pain & headaches)... this was a first month since my proper AF after my mc and I know it was very unlikely we would have been lucky this month but now she has arrived I feel so sad. I have been trying to prepare myself for her coming but I still feel down.

My hubs is away on business today and has sent me some lovely texts but desperately need a hug or 2!

Why is ttc so hard??! I want to be a mummy so much and I wonder how long it will take.

I am not really using ov sticks (although I have some cheapy ones) so perhaps this is something I need to do? Perhaps I need to invest in a CBFM.

Thank you for reading, and sorry for such a self - indulgent post.

Love MrsH xxx



  • HUGS!!!!!!!!!!! did you feel that? its was a proper tight squeeze!

    I'm sorry to hear your feeling down - and don't apologise, we all know how tough ttc is, especially when we've got so close to our dreams in the past!

    personally I think my CBFM is brilliant. I know some people feel that it adds to their stress because they feel pressure to BD on certain days, but tbh I think I would feel that anyway because I want a baby so much. I think the CBFM takes some of the guess work out of it all, so for me, thats less stressful. plus I get to indulge my poas addiction!

    more hugs xxxxx
  • Thanks littleb, I needed that!

    Think I will invest, there pressure is already there like you say as we are desperate to start our family, just need that nod to say you are definitely ovulating and not miss that tiny window month on month.

    Thank you again for being so kind,
    Love MrsH xx
  • you talk away anytime,we know how you feel ,so a big huuuug over the virtual way to youxxxx
  • thanks roisine, it is lovely to know I am not alone,

  • (((((((((hugs)))))))))) i was convinced we'd done it that cycle b4 a proper AF after mmc, how silly could i
    have been. They do get easier! hopefully you won't have mnay before that next bfp! xx
  • Thanks Rocky_kiz, I hope so too!

  • Oh my lovely heres some big tight squeezes (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    It can be very hard when AF turns up sweetie, she can be such an old cow!!!

    When's hubby back so you can have a nice big cuddle xxx
  • Thanks Lau, the hugs are appreciated image

    Hubs is back tomorrow, just spoke to him and he was his usual amazing self, all full of PMA (thank goodness - I have none at the mo). He says that my body is probably still recovering from the mc and that we shouldn't be upset that it hasn't happened this month. I know he is right.

    He also said he will buy a CBFM too, he is a star.

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Aaahh, MrsH, here's a ((((((((hug)))))))) Whenever the witch comes I try desperately to remain positive by reminding myself that at least the old 'gas oven' (as my friend calls it!?) is working. Someone on here wrote recently (sorry, can't remember the poster's name imageops: ) that when the witch comes, she just thinks that her body is having a big spring clean in preparation! Aaaww, keep your chin up darling. From your other posts, sounds like MrH is a star! X
  • Thank you for your lovely reply spikesma, I am loving the oven/spring clean analogy (if that is the right word!), that has certainly made me smile so thank you image

    MrH is amazing, not sure what I would do without him and you girls.

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Big hugs MrsH.

    I'm quite worried about ttc again in that it'll take forever xx
  • Thanks Lampiekat,
    Me too, I am so scared it will take a long time.
    Guess we have to take each month at a time.
  • Ahhhh I love that Spikesma you always got somthing lighthearted to say & give us a giggle.

    MrsH your hubby sounds like a star bet you cant wait for him to get home.

    What lovely parents your both gona make.

    So whilst the oven is having a spring clean, enjoy a nice glass of vino or 2 as will be the last one for a bit i've got a nice comfy sofa in pg with several spare seats for all my lovelies here so tell that witch to pack her bags cause it's her last visit for another year now as your joining me on the comfy pg sofa xxx
  • Thanks Lau, that is so sweet and I have tear in my eye but a big smile too image

    I hope I can join you on that pg sofa soon!

    Lots of love, MrsH xxx
  • bigs hugs to u hun! iv also been thinking how long will it take.. everyones different though! wish i could just say a date i want to be pregnant and wolllaahhh!!! lol! your time will come though image
  • hello Mrs H - big massive Hugs to you hunni x x x x

    Im "using" cheap OPK's too - but havent got the hang of them at all. going to leave it another month and then invest in a CBFM - but fingers crossed neither of us will have to.

    hope you're feeling better today,

    lots of love, and big big hugs


  • Hugest hugs Mrs H. I was convinced I was pregnant last month and when af came a day early I couldn't believe it. Even though you try and think it's unlikely to happen 1st month back you can't help yourself from hoping.

    I think a CBFM will be a huge help, it gives you a bit of control back. I was ov'ing 4 days later than I thought so I would never have got pregnant without it. It's also reassuring to know you are ovulating and to work out a pattern.

    E-bay or amazon are great for new but discounted cbfm's and cheaper sticks.

    I agree that Mr H sounds like a treasure and sounds very similar to my lovely Mr MP.

    Another hug for good measure! x x x
  • Thank you yummymummy and PB!!

    Hate the fact I have no real control over the situation which as a bit of a control freak is very hard image

    I am feeling a bit better today thank you, hubs is on his way back so that is good.

    Thanks for the hugs MP, definitely agree about the CBFM, going to look into them this weekend with hubs.
    Hope you girls are well, xxxx
  • Big virtual hugs on their way!!!!! image Zxx
  • Thank you ZLS23!
    How are you sweetheart??

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