Woman gives birth after 18 miscarriages....


How incredible is this - I don't know if I'd have had the strength to keep trying after that many, god bless her. It must seem like a dream to finally have their little girl in their arms. Never heard of 'natural killer' cells before though?

Hannah xx


  • Oh my life, what a very brave couple. I don't know how I would cope with a second, never mind 18. There truly is hope for us all.


  • i've heard of them but it's sad she had to go through 18 before being a mummy! i don't think iw ould have the strength!!! xx
  • wow They must be a very strong couple that must have been so hard for them.....
    well its all ended on a happy note that is great news xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Wow 18 that's awful!!! Undergoing recurrent mc tests ourselves with a follow up appt nxt week after reading that article is getting me wondering about the natural killer cells & that they say they only test for it at St Helier (am close to that hospital) im sure I have had this test done but will have to double check now I do know that some of the tests were sent away to another lab though.

    Nice to see a happy ending, 18 mc is just cruel you'd think they'd have found out about the NK & treated her without having to go through so much, glad she has a gorgeous little girl now xxx
  • What an incredible couple, so strong to deal with all that!
    Am pleased that they got the precious little one they longed for.
    Gives us all hope image xx
  • Wow 18 must have been heart breaking, they are incredibly strong but how disgusting it took 18mc for someone to get to the bottom of the reason she'd lost them all! I just don't get the lack of concern by some professionals who only know what an mc is based on text books and patients! Grrr ( sorry in a v crappy angry mood today)
    I really hope I have the strength to keep dusting myself off like that should I need to. Congratulations to them and prayers of hope to all of us
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