No AF after ERPOC yet! help!

Hey ladies,
Am after a bit of advice. It has now been 7 weeks since my ERPOC for a mmc (4th Feb). I bled for about 10 days afterwards, but have as yet had no AF.
For over 2 weeks now I have felt crampy and bloated and generally like AF is going to come, but no sign at all! I am getting really fed up and also worried that something is wrong. There is no chance that I could be pg again, and I did a test last week which was negative (hadn't bothered before).
Have any of you ladies taken such a long time to get your AF? Have you had to have something done about it and if so what? My GP (who is also the GP of a friend who had a mmc too) said to leave it 8 weeks before worrying so I haven't been back yet. Just keep hoping it'll come! About the only time in my life i've wanted AF!!
Thanks, any help or advice is appreciated!
Mary xxx


  • hey mary
    ive had no AF for over 4 weeks and like you, also getting pains and my stomach is huggee! they told me to wait up to 8 weeks iswell! so ive got another 4 weeks to wait if it doesnt arrive!
    i also took a test 2day and finally it came back negative! for past 3 weeks iv had a positive...
    its just a matter of waiting hun. rememebr your bodys been under alot of stress!
    leave it another week and go to your GP, it could be that youve picked up an infection so with antibiotics to clear it up then your AF should come soon after the infections gone... im not sure if thats the case but i no its easy to pick something up after an operation. keep us informed! image
    claire xx
  • Hi Mary. Sorry I cant help you. My ERPC was 13 Feb and no sign of AF yet. Thing is everyone seems to have such different experiences when it comes to getting the first AF. Were you still spotting after your 10 days of bleeding because I have read somewhere that AF may not arrive until 3 - 4 weeks after all bleeding and spotting as finished?

    I guess the best thing to do would be wait until you've reached 8 weeks and then go back to the doctors. I know I am desperate to get my AF now so I can imagine how frustrated you must be feeling.

    Let us know how you get on, hopefully AF is just round the corner

    Take care

  • Hi hun,

    It's so annoying isnt it, with our 1st pg I had all the signs of AF she just wasnt showing, she finally made an appearance at about just over 8wks!!!! It wasnt very nice either, heavy & painful so make sure youve got some painkillers & a hotwater bottle just incase.

    Hope you not waiting to much longer xxx
  • Hi Mary - can't really help, had my ERPC Wed last week, am currently on antibiotics for possible infection as had seriously bad cramping and have passed a few blood clots too. Today is the first day the cramping has eased somewhat, but I am seriously bloated, not sure if from the op or the fact that I am a little constipated too image

    From the literature I was given at the hospital, it said periods should return 6-8 weeks....

    Hope yours turns up soon.

  • Hi ladies - thanks for your replies. It is reassuring to know that others are in / have been in the same boat. Though obviously I wish nobody ever had to be in this boat!
    Yummymummy1989, thanks. Hope yours turns up soon too. Have read in your other posts about the problems you've had with you OH, hope things sort themselves out for you very soon.
    Jacquid, thanks for replying. I didn't have any bleeding at all after the 10 days, and the last 5 days or so of that was just spotting, so well over 4 weeks with no bleeding! Hope you're doing OK.
    Laujai, thanks for the advice! I have my furry hot water bottle on standby! Congrats on your news, fingers and toes crossed for you!
    ZLS23, hope you feel better soon, and that the pain will settle completely asap, as well as the bleeding. Take care of yourself.
    Will leave it till next week I guess and go to the GP. Thanks for all your support. Will keep you posted!
    Mary xxx
  • still waiting hun? im keeping my fingers crossed for you image If you're worried, go and see the gp now - she is very nice and Im sure she can help try and put ur mind at rest. xxx
  • Well is now 8 weeks and still no AF. Was getting slightly tender breasts last week, so felt hopeful, but no.... still no sign... Have got GP appointment this afternoon about it. Feeling really nervous!
    To top it off had to go to the dentist this morning, had the first of 4 fillings done... well is not actually done yet - have got a temp filling in whilst they custom-make a porcelain filling! I hate dentists, and burst into tears in the dentist chair for the first time in years!
    Actually, the thing that REALLY tops it off is that a friend emailed me this morning and told me se was pregnant, due in September, when I was due. It's so unfair! I know this is really politically incorrect, and I don't mean to offend anyone with kids already, but all I could think was that she already has a gorgeous son, and now is going to have another child! It's not fair! Why can't I?? What have I done wrong?? It's so unfair that some people have no problems and others have to lose their angels!
    Sorry, feeling really down today. Everything seems to have gone wrong lately, and just getting really fed up of it all.
  • ive emailed u hun. xxx
  • Mrslim, just wanted to share my experience with you. I had my D+C on the same day as you. I was 10weeks 4 days and had a MMC at my 12 week scan. Unlike your slf I was bleeding on and off for 6 weeks, running between very light spotting and really really heavy passing clots!!!!!!!

    I had 4 days of nothing before getting AF on Thursday, that was exactly 7 weeks after the op. I got really bad pains on tuesday and was really bloated and I have had a really heavy period since.

    Just hold in there, I am sure it will be here any minute, I know how difficult it is, these past two moths have been hell, but I now feel like I am starting to get over things.

    I really hope this is your one and only AF and you get BFP really soon. Fingers crossed it will be here any day x
  • Hope your appointment goes well today and they can give you some answers, hopefully Af is just round the corner for you.

  • Hi guys...
    Thanks for your replies, went to see the GP yesterday, she was really nice, and is doing some blood tests tomorrow. She said the usual reason that periods don't come back is pregnancy, but seeing as that's VERY unlikely... doesn't stop me hoping though!
    She said it's not uncommon for it to take 8-10 weeks, if not back by 10 weeks may refer me on to gynae. Just getting really fed up...
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