A little update....

As my predicted ov day is either today or tomorrow i have managed to BD Thursday Friday and today.
Hubby has been on nights so have been having to set my alarm at 0400 hours each morning......
Iam absolutely knackard but hopefully it will be worth it. I intend to BD again tomorrow and Monday so hopefully I will catch. Its hard to tell though as I cant really rely on my cycle as its my first one since my ERPC.....
Fingers crossed for me ladies xxx


  • That is some dedication hun! I really hope you get your BFP!

    Fingers crossed and good luck!

  • Hope all the hard work pays off for you xx Keep us updated symptom spotting in the 2 week wait!....My first Af following ERPC arrived this week...so will be a few weeks behind you every step of the way!
    Take care
    Sue x
  • Oh sue, i know you were wondering when she would turn up. For me she was a sight for sore eyes as i knew i was back to normal. I will keep you up dated chick
    Thanks for your kind words and support

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