whispering a bfp!!

Can't quite believe it as I didn't get a positive OPK test this month. First tested last night at cd25 and thought i'd developed x-ray vision but definitely a very faint line there and is much stronger this evening. Will do a CBD on Tuesday when af is due but keeping fingers tightly crossed that its a sticky bean in the right place and that af stays away following ectopic miscarriage last year.



  • aw great news angiebaby---congrats----so happy 4 u.xx
  • Congratulations xx Sticky dust to you
  • congratulations!!!!!!!!!! hope you have a H&H 9months.
  • Fab news! Congratulations!! x x x
  • Congratulations hun xx
  • thank you ladies will feel more reassured when af date has passed and I get a stronger line.

  • Just seen your fab news!! Yay! Congratulations x
  • What lovely news, congratulations!
  • congrats luvvie!!

    Jodie xx
  • Thank you all have done a FR test this morning which soon came up with those two lovely pink lines we all long to see. Just hope its a sticky bean stuck in the right place.

  • That's great. Sounds like you have a strong one there huni xx
  • wonderfull news. i'll keep my fingers crossed too
    all the best
  • Hi M

    I hope so as when I had the ectopic they told me to contact EPU as soon as I knew I was pg again. Haven't rung them yet as only 4wks but I hope they do as I visited the GP 4 times with ectopic telling them something was wrong as I'd conceived whilst on the mini pill and just did'nt feel pg but they ignored me and unfortunately it ruptured whilst having a picnic in the park with friends on my daughters 4th birthday!! I suppose I just have in the back of my mind that I need to be a bit further along so that they can spot something!!! how early did u contact them and were they helpful?

  • Hi M

    Thanks for your reply, yes I feel like i'm counting every day and today is only 5weeks. I rang gynae last Tuesday and they have said to come in for a scan next Monday when I will be 6wks. Interestingly, I went to the docs with something else and mentioned I was pg again and would the antibiotics they have prescribed be ok given my concerns after having an ectopic last time. They said they would but didn't even ask me to book in so they could keep an eye on me, I think I may be better off in the hands of the hospital!!! How are things going with you ?
  • congrats angiebaby! I know what you mean about counting down the days, I got my bfp last week and all I want is it to be 2010 so I can be past the 12 week mark. This is my third pregnancy and have never made it that far yet!

    I think you will be better off in the hands of the hospital hun, I'm going to ask for consultant led care this time xx
  • congrats!! wish you loads of luck!!! will be watching for the post after your scan. *hugs*
  • thanks ladies your suopport is very much appreciated.

    mrs pies fingers crossed for you honey, 3rd time lucky I think this time.

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