Anyone ever had implantation bleed?

Not sure this is the place to put it but figured it would show up onmain page and people can g/c if they want!
Here's the background... very very regular cycle of 24 days, through charting I seem to ov around day 10/12 and most months do get ov pains. Have never ever had any bleeding at all except for at AF. MC in December and although had a bleed in the middle I think proper AF was 32 days after that. So I had ov pains on Saturday which would be CD12 so possibly ov on Sunday but temps and poas don't back this up! Had a migraine yesterday at CD18 or 5dpo if I did ov on Sunday. Looked back at my chart from when I was pregnant and had migraine at 5dpo (tho was CD17) image
Also yesterday I had the vaguest of spotting. This morning when I got up, went to loo and wiped and there was definite blood but I could wipe it all away if you know what I mean...
I have had a very mild period pain type belly this morning.

Anyone had the same?? I have never ever bled mid cycle before but don't k now if after mc this happens more?



  • Hi Seraphina! Not posted on here for while but hope you remember me from due in July. I also miscarried at ten weeks just a couple of days before you. It was my first so am a but new to all this but rember you giving so much helpful advice thought I would add my thoughts. Don't want to massively raise your hopes but I think this sounds promising. I knew I was pg at 7 dpo last time as I never spot but found just one spot of blood on loo paper that day. Also got appauling migraine just after. You seem to know your body really well too so I think you should think positively but try your best to get on with other things for a week till testing. If you're like me I just knew by 10 days dpo but am being tough with myself this time and not testing till day 35 so won't be such a long wait till I can get an early scan. I also ov'd last weekend. First month back in saddle! Will watch out for your posts! Have had some spotting too although I appear to have thrush now. Lovely eh? So think could be related to that. Trying to just remain grateful that dh will even consider sex with a disease ridden depressed mess like I have been for last two months. The bloke deserves a medal! Anyway, will think positive thoughts for you this week. Really hope this is the start of something good for you!
  • Thanks!! I am feeling positive because of so many factors - I have conceived second month 3 times and supposed to be more fertile after mc so altho I suppsoe technically this is first month it's kind of second as we did BD before the first AF!! Also have this strong feeling that Rainbow and I are meant to be bump buddies!
    However my temps just don't add up, had a big drop this morning :\?
  • Sorry about your temps. Miscarriage is meant to give you a bit of a clear out isn't it? Perhaps try to look on any symptoms for now as your body trying to do the right thing if you know what I mean. Hormones are very clever. If nothing else maybe it's giving you a practice run producing symptoms you recognise and letting you know all is back to normal. Still keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway. Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Go out somewhere. That's the only thing that stops me knocker checking during 2ww!
  • Sorry! That was meant to say knicker checking!! But actually have been squeezing boobs also to check for tenderness. Think I have coined a phrase! Try to leave knickers AND knockers alone anyway!
  • PML at knocker checking
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