Hi ladies

Well I have not been on for a few days but I am doing ok.

anyway I only bled for around 28 hours :\? ( i did have some blood most of the time I wiped for about a week before I started bleeding)so I rang the hospital again and again they just said do a test in a weeks time and that is it.
I am wondering why I only bled that long( I did pass some stuff) I would have hope as I know many women that have bled and even passed clots and still the pregnancy was ok but as I had my HCG levels done I know there was no hope for me! :cry:

I am just hoping everything has gone and all is ok as I am scared of getting infection or something.

I am just a bit fed up of people saying never mind there is always next time and you do already have a child blah blah blah yes I know there is always next time but I wanted this baby and yes I am lucky to have my DD but we want another child as well.

The last few days I have been ok and have not cried.

So this time I am now wanting a BFN so we can try again soon.

I am hoping my AF will not take long to come.

Gem xx


  • Hi hun, that is a very short time to bleed. I would probably consult your gp about that. He will probably send you for a scan so that they can check your lining.

    I know what you mean about people's comments, they are very insensitive but just ignore them! They don't understand!

  • i second what lady 2188 said i would ask my dr for a rescan to make sure everything is as it should be . people are very thoughtless sometimes try not to let their comments upset you easier said then done i know x
  • Hi Hunni, I was wondering how you were doing.

    That does seem a short time to bleed, i started bleeding on Saturday and am still bleeding fairly heavy now as well as passing lots of yucky fleshy looking clots, ewww !!

    I've also been told to do a pg test but i dont know if i'll be able to, that will be the most depressing test ever !

    Are you going to ttc straight away ? I'm undecided, my cycles are so screwed up anyway that I think it'll be a several months worth of ttc before I get pg again and not sure when i will be ready to handle that. Maybe once this physical side is over i'll know more whether I am ready or not.

    I know what you mean about the comments, I keep getting "dont worry it'll happen again" and "you'll be pg again before you know it" i'm just like yeah thanks and could lose that one too !! Ive lost faith in my body now !!
  • Apparently some women "reabsorb" more of the lining than others, so not everyone bleeds the same amount...
  • Hi, Its my first post though I've been following posts for the past week since I started bleeding in week 5 of my first pregnancy.

    I went to the EPU but they told me it was too early and booked me in for a scan in 2 weeks. Been in limbo all week and just did a test and got a negative image

    I only bled for a day and a half so I suppose I'll have to make an appointment to get checked out (eugh I hate the hospital).

    Feel like crap but at least I can have a glass of wine tonight...
  • Since I have stopped bleeding I felt ok but I might book a appointment to see my doc next week as some people are saying it not right to just bleed that long but like I said before there was blood when I wiped and I did pass some a couple of times.

    I do not really want to do a test as if it is still BFP it will be heart breaking.

    We BD on Monday hope this was ok? I was scared at first but it was fine.

    I am finding it hard when I think about how many weeks I would be etc..I find I can chat about it all on here. Thanks xxx

    Gem x

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  • And last Fri I got a text of a old friend who said she has just found out she having a boy, now she did not I was losing baby but I was so upset when I read it :cry:

    Gem x
  • Hi xgemx

    Don't know if this helps you but I rang my EPU this morning and was speaking to the midwife to see if i needed any more treatment since I only bled for a day and a half and she didn't seem worried about it, she told me to take another test in a week and providing it was still negative I wouldn't need any further treatment.

    But I was only 5 weeks when I started bleeding and due to me getting a BFN so quickly she thinks it was a chemical pregnancy.

    p.s. the wine didn't help last night, just made me more emotional image

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