Tampons Or Not?? Sorry Random!

Ok i fort id ask in advance before AF comes.... can u wear tampons stil with the 1st AF after miscarriage??? i dont wear pads anymore cos they make me feel uncomfortable but im just worried itl be dangerous 2 wear tampons... sorry if im being a bit of a div lol!! its been nearly 5 weeks and stil waiting for it to arrive but wanted to check 1st image xx


  • Hi

    I think your ok with tampons with 1st AF you just shouldnt use them for any bleeding related to mc. xxx
  • ok thnks hun! hope u and bean are ok!! imageimage xx
  • Hey I used them for my 1st AF after mc image I had a quick look online and couldnt see any reason not to
  • Hi Yummymummy I am in the middle of first AF and am using tampons, I think it is fine

  • thanks for repleis image went to doctors today for checkup and i asked her too and she said its fine. she finds it bit strange that its been nearly 5 weeks and no AF... but i did say to her that the nurses at the hospital said it could be at least 6 weeks... i fort my doctor should know these things!!! x
  • Hi Hun,

    It's not strange not to have had AF yet, our 1st mmc I didnt get AF till 8 & a bit wks later!!!! Just have paracetamol & hotwater bottle at the ready as 1st 1 can be a little uncomfy for some

    Also me & bean are doing fine thank you sweetie thanx for asking xxxx
  • hey, yep they are fine, my AF took 7 weeks to appear! so don't worry too much! xxx
  • my nurse told me not to wear tampons on the first AF (which killed me as I hated wearing the pads), she said you should allow everything to come away naturally in case there is a big build up....I wish I had read a second opinion on it although I probably would do the same again just for peace of mind and to gauge how heavy it was x
  • well AF showed up yesterday! halfway thru my shift at work had to run to the toilet! (sory for tmi!!) went through 3 tampons in half hour!!! so i went out on my break and brought some more and some pads!!! so now im using both pads and tampons!! seems to be slowing down now.. had such a rough day yesterday! x
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