should I have a positive by now?

Hi girls, I ovulated last week potentially as I had clear and stretchy mucus for two days and clear and runny for another two days. we bd a lot last week and previously.

should I have a positive test by now or is it way too early? I first seen mucus on wed last week until sat.



  • Way to early. Wait to test till your period is late. With my first pregnancy, which was succesfull i did not get a clear positive till my period was two days late, with my following pregnancy I didn't get a positive test till my period was 3 days late.

    I have had two positives in february and march before period was due, but started bleeding 2 days later and wished I had never tested early and found out. So please hold out another week, wait till 14 days past ov and test than. Chances are a lot higher that when you are pregnant you will get a good clear positive. If you test early like 9 days past ov, you might get a faint positive, but that might turn out to be a chemical pregnancy, or a false positive. Normally the lines than are so faint you barely see them.

  • thanks breighlin, made me feel better, im keeping my hopes up image i been having all sort of weird symptoms and feelings so fingers crossed.
  • Hey H2TA,

    I know I got my BFP 5 dyas before AF this month, but take no notice of that because I have been pregnant 5 times before (have 2 DD's and lost three) and I have never had such an early + test!!

    As a general rule I got my positive on the day before AF due, on the day, or on the day after so chill out kiddo!! It'll happen :\)

    Crossing my fingers for you! xxxx

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