I've got my check up scan this afternoon to check everything is ok after my random bleeding at the start of my highs on my cbfm this month and am starting to feel SO paranoid! I was fine before, thinking they won't find anything it's just my body being random, but now my subconscious is kicking in and telling me i didn't think there was anything wrong when i went for my 12 week scan :cry: anyways just wanted to get it out of my system really as in the office all by myself today. xx


  • Hi RK, I think it's perfectly normal to worry after what you've been through.

    I think our bodies just do some seriously weird stuff after mc and extopics but really positive tehy are seeing you to check you out. I am so sure it will all be fine x xx x
  • Hi Rocky

    I am sure it will all be ok - just a random thing like you think. Don't blame you for being paranoid though - now every little twinge has huge significance for me. Good luck xx
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