A little update from me

Hi Ladies, I haven't been on for a while, so appologise for not replying to posts. Will explain why, have had my appendix out! Had tummy pains last week, was secretly hoping that a little bean was being formed, but got really bad thursady. Went home from work early, and DH insisted I phoned the out of hours doctor. Went to local hopsital, and was sent straight to main hospital with suspected appendicitis. Was confirmed early hours thursday, had operation friday and discharged saturday! And to cap it all off AF arrived Sunday :evil: I'm off work now for at least 2 week. I'll probably be out of the TTC running next month as well, as still in quite a lot of pain, so forgive me for not being around much. Good luck to everyone this month and lots of sticky babydust to all xxx


  • Oh dear hun......op's and appendix aren't fun...my lil sis had one out last year and she was in incredible pain.
    Put your feet up and relax
    On the positive sign....in a couple of months when you feel a little niggly pain your'll know that its definately beanie and can't be appendix!
    Take care
    Sue x
  • Awwww bless ya hun.....
    I had my apendix out in August last year i have NEVER experienced pain like it so i really feel for you!!
    It hurts but honestly once you get your stitches out you get to feel much better image And as sparkles say at least now you know the niggles are bean realted and not to do with appendix bless ya perhaps september will be your month as well as mine im having an op at the end of the month so im holding off this month too! xxx
  • Hi pet, just wanted to send you my best wishes. Have plenty of rest and relaxation. Take care, Tracy xx
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