Period Pains? - UPDATE!!!!

Hi All

I had my ERPC op 4 weeks ago Wednesday just gone and am just awaiting my first AF.

Yesterday and today I have had real bad backache and stomach ache, like I'm going to come on, but haven't yet??? :cry:

Did anyone else get quite bad pain before their first AF arrived???? Also, how long did you have to wait before it came??

I just want it to come and go so I can start working out my cycles again.

Z xx


Yay - after 2-3 days of tum cramps and backache, I have come on - finally, 4 weeks 3 days after my ERPC. Really hope my cycles return to normal now. Feeling very positive about trying again now, never thought I would say that. Please send some babydust my way. Zxx

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  • Hi there, just to let you know I got my first AF 7 weeks after my operation. I got AF on the Thursday, I started with bad pains and back ache on the Tuesday, but did not start AF until Thursday.

    Hope this helps a little.
  • Thanks 3054, I have never wanted a period so bad image

    I hope mine is just round the corner now.

    Hope you doing ok. Zxx
  • Hi, my first AF after ERPC was exactly 6 weeks later. I know how frustrating it is waiting for that first AF. Hopefully you are nearly there!!

  • mine came exactly 5 weeks after my ERPC and yeah a few days before i had really bad pains!!! xx
  • Mine came after 7.5 weeks. Inbetween I had days of period pains, days of feeling very good, days I thought af was around the corner, but eventually af started as always in the morning after 7.5 weeks. I still have no idea what my body was doing in those weeks.
  • Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments, will keep you posted. Zxx
  • Hi,
    Well just to be different, I had period pains from about a month after the D&C, then AF finally arrived 8 weeks after the D&C. I had 2 days of really horrendous cramps and dizziness before it though, and when it finally came only lasted 3 days! Hope your body isn't as silly as mine!
  • Congrats Z lots of STICKY baby dust your way hey we'll be expecting again soon hopefully! Us that were DIO may meet up on other boards.....hope you are well and your cycle returns to normal hun! Extra dust for you xxx
  • Fantastic news, sending you lots of sticky baby dust

  • yay!!! image lots of baby dust to ya xx
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