Almost ready to start TTC..........

My first AF since MC on the th of Feb started on Thursday. Its been really heavy and quite awful....... but today it has slowed down, I am on CD6. Fingers crossed it will have finished by the weekend and we can then get down to TTC. OMG cant believe we have reached this point!!!!!!

Going to try and follow the SMEP this time, fingers crossed for a BFP soon x


  • Hiya huni, am glad to hear she is on her way now, my first after my mc was heavy and I felt pants for a couple of days.
    Good luck with SMEP xx
  • Hi nice to see your body getting back to normal im still waiting for mine x
  • hi hun,

    im sorry your AF wasnt too nice, but glad its slowing down and you can get on with the baby dancing,

    got my fingers crossed for you hun

    x x x
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