Getting to know you...

I think it's been a while (at least 2 months!) since we did this and there's a fair few new names on here so thought it may be good to introduce ourselves again... image

I am 24 DH is 28 and we live in Cornwall. Have been together for 6 years and married for almost 18 months. i had a mmc in july with our first pg and now ttc again for a 2nd time.

Any one else care to join? :roll: xxx


  • Yayy Good Work Rocky, was just thinking the other day that we need a new one of these.

    Hi Ladies im 29 OH is 31 we live in London. We have been ttc for 16 months come Feb. Have had 2 mmc & 2 mc & are now ttc a sticky bubs. Were not married but hoping to have a proposal on the cards one day soon LOL!!!

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  • ooohhh maybe you could have a bean and a ring for valentines!!!! xxx
  • Hello all,

    I'm 28 and hubby is 29 - we got married in July last year, but been together ten years. Had an mmc with our first pg in November and now ttc again. We live in Derby.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a V day proposal for you Laujai xxx
  • Ha Ha thanks ladies, im just gona wait now, thought I was gona get one last year & didnt LOL!!!

    I'll have the bean though!! xx
  • Hi!
    I am 28 and hubby is 27. Been ttc for about 17 months. Finally got pg after 13 months but had a mmc in Jan and still getting over it! Hoping to start ttc asap. Married for two years come feb - would love a special anniversary pressie! Live in Notts
  • Hi,

    I'm 30 and hubby is 32. We live in London - well just in the edge! And are hoping to move soon, just waiting for things to go through. Another thing to keep my fingers crossed for!

    We got married in July last year and fell pregnant in Oct. Found out about mmc in Jan (last week). We are hoping to be TTC very, very soon!

    This forum has been so great in helping me through this so a massive thank you!

    Ah, Laujai and ring and a bean would be fantastic!
    x x x
  • Hi girls!

    I like this thread! Both OH and I are 28 and married in May 2008 and have been ttc on and off since June 2009. Fell pg in Nov but had a mmc last week. Got a 9 month old little girl and we live near Liverpool.

    Lovely to meet you all. Hope we can all move on from this forum together very soon.
  • Hi,
    Hope you don't mind me posting, i'm more of a lurker in this forum, replying to the odd thread etc. But i've never introduced my self!!

    I'm 32 and live in Derbyshire (nr Buxton), I'm originally from Berkshire but moved up north 10 years ago. I've been with my OH for 5 years and we've been TTC since January 2008. I fell pg in Mar 09 but my son was stillborn on the 19th Sep at 27 weeks. I fell again in Dec but mc at 5+2, so i'm still trying!! I have a wonderful 10 year old son, without him I think i may have fallen apart!! He gives me a reason to get out of bed if you know what I mean?

    Nice to meet you all xx
  • hello there

    I'm 28 and hubby is 32. we got married in april 2009 and I decided to come off the pill so we could start ttc. Not been straight forward as it took a my cycles to restart (130, 50 and 50 days!) as I have pcos. Managed to get my BFP on Boxing Day 2009 and m/c last week at about 6 weeks. Hoping to start ttc as soon as possible, but it will depend of stupid stupid cycles!

    I also have a confession - i still go and look in Due in Sept which is a silly thing to do as it doesn't make me feel any better at all!

    lovely to meet you all
    lb xx
  • Hi,

    Me and hubby are 31 and live in Liverpool, I moved there 7 years ago. We too married in July last year and started ttc straight away. Fell pregnant on 2nd cycle in September but it was ectopic.

    Had to take a 3 month break and i'm on my first 1ww since it all happened-very scarey.

    Wouldn't have got through it without this forum x x
  • Hi all,

    I am 31 and hubs 34 and we live in Wiltshire. We got married in August and started ttc from Sept, fell pregnant on 3rd cycle but sadly started bleeding soon after the BFP. Now facing an ectopic image

    Which means a little ttc break for us but that doesn't mean you have seen the last of me image

    I have made some lovely friends on here and feel so grateful for their support xxxx
  • Hi - I'm 35 (ahhh) and my hubbie is 39. We have been married for 6 years and have a gorgeous little boy aged 20 months. I had a mc in Nov at 6 weeks and we are currently TTC again with the assistance of my lovely CBFM. We live just outside London.
  • Great thread Rocky!

    I'm 36 (feeling like I'm the oldest here!), DH is 37 and we've been together for almost 19 years, married for 10, and live in south London. We'd been ttc for 12 months when I finally got my BFP, but discovered I'd had an anembryonic pregnancy at 11 weeks in Aug 09. Have been back on the ttc wagon for the last 3 months with CBFM, no joy yet but with a bit of PMA and lots of BD-ing, I'm sure we'll get there in the end!

    Good luck to all you lovely ladies, wishing us all much success with BFP's and sticky beans.

    Lynn x
  • hello ladies i am 27 dh is 26. got married in july 08 and have been trying from then.. had an ectopic in sept 09 and like mafia had to wait 3 months before ttc again im due af on friday and just know its coming but im hoping that we will get a sticky bean very soon xx
  • Hi Everyone.

    I'm 30 and hubby is 32, we got married in Aug. Came off pill in sep and got bfp in nov. Had mc 1st jan at 8 wks. Still waiting for af so we can try again.

    I live up in scotland but i'm originally L'pool.

    Had some lovely news yesterday, i'm an auntie again. My bruv and wife had another girl....they've got 3 now.
  • ahhh..lovely thread... it's nice getting to know everyone.

    helllooooo!!! x

    Im 28 and hubbie is 34, we've been together for 7 years and got married last July. We live near Birmingham. we lost our honeymoon baby at 17 weeks at the end of Nov.

    we should soon be ready to ttc again, so let the Bd'ing commence!!!
    x x x
  • hello,

    I'm 32 and hubbie is 35. We have been together 5 years and got married in Aug 08. Came off pill immediately, got BFP in the January and had a MMC in the March. Had a break for a couple of months and have been TTC again since June 09. I'm really hoping 2010 is going to be a good year.
  • LJ09 we live in South London too LOL & we were in March together!! What a coincidence!! Maybe well get our sticky bfp together again! xx
  • Hi, I'm 30, and my husbands 39, we've been together 6 years and married in Sept 08. We live in Hampshire, and got pregnant in Nov, pretty much as soon as we started TTC. Had mmc in January, and looking forward to starting ttc again soon.
    Thankyou everyone for all your support, not sure how i'd have coped the last few days without you all xx
  • Elli, my parents and sister live in Hamshire, I really like it there (but hubby won't move out of London). Hubby and I spent the wk end there for a break last week and it really helped!
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