Fertility statues

has anyone heard of these?

I knew a lady once who had oe & she ended up with 6 kids LOL

Anyway oh was packing some stuff for a lady emigrating & came across a weird looking statue when he asked her what it was she said she got it whilst travelling & that herself & 4 of her friends had rubbed it & conceived with healthy babies!! So he breifly explained our situation to her & so she gave it to him & said wether your girlfriend or you beleive it or not get her to rub it & see what happens!!

I dont know alot about all of these sort of things or wether I beleive in them, what do you all think??? xx


  • Always worth a go!! I have heard of fertility figures but never seen any. I say give it a go, there could be some truth in it and then we'll all be looking a lend of it from you image xx
  • Do it! what harm can rubbing a statue do? i'm always a bit wary of believing these things but would rather believe a bit and have a small hope. xx
  • LOL it's one ugly thing I said to oh it better not be a voodoo doll LOL!!!

    It's male with an ugly face & a big erect thingy!!!

    I rubbed it, not his bits tho LOL!!!

    If it works well pass it round to everyone!! xx
  • :lol: so it won't be taking pride of place on top of the tv then :lol: :lol:

    Hope it works image xx
  • LOL it's sat on the side table at the moment. Maybe I should put it somewere discreet in the bedroom although wouldnt fancy waking up & seeing that looking at me!! xx
  • haha just before i got prtegnant with my son me and oh went to the cern abass man (sp) and i took a picture and put it under our mattress and got pregnant not long after probably just coincidence but i'll try anything!
  • I saw a special phallic stone in mongolia in my gap year all the locals believed brought fertility!!
  • This one is from Bali, gona try & post a pic of it tomorrow. it's not nice to look at so not sure were to put it!
  • Oh yes, give it a god rub and pass it on!x x x
  • LOL I will hun, I'll get a pic on here tomorrow so everyone can have a rub too. (if that counts) x
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