Docs Appointment

Had docs appointment for hayfever today and just thought i would mention that i was bit worried that i still hadnt had a period after mc 7 weeks ago despite getting lots of symptoms and pos opk earlier in month. He was very dismissive and said it could take upto 3 months for me to get a period and thats perfectly normal and only then if af hadnt come would they do tests. Aswell as saying pos opk was prob hormones left in body from preg even tho i told him hpt was negative. What do you guys think?? I just feel so down and depressed at the mo cos i thought i had ovulated and was hopin af would come quickly or a may even get a bfp. and now after seeing him it could be another 5 weeks before i know anything if af doesnt come and who knows how long til i can ttc!!!!
Sorry for rant but i have no-one i can talk to.


  • hi there, sorry to hear what you are going through. My story isn't the same as yours but I completly understand what you are going through.
    I had MC on the 4th of Feb, I had a problem with really irregular bleeding following the D+C, I was bleeding on and off for 8 weeks, I then had my AF (well what I think was AF as I never really stopped bleeding but this was different) and then after AF I carried on bleeding/spotting. I was eventually put on some tablets to stop the bleeding, which worked but now having stopped taking them I am bleeding again, very light but annoying.

    I am 12 weeks since my MC and I am desperate to start TTC again, it is the only thing I want......... every GP I speak to just keeps saying it takes time to sort your body, just relax and give it time....... I feel like going crazy at them, its been 3 months now and my body is still all over the place.......

    Anyway, just to say, that every persons experience is different, the worst thing I did was compare myself to others as I got even more upset when people were getting back to normal when I wasn't.
    Just try to take it as it comes, it difficult, I know, but I am getting there, think I am just going to switch off from everything and just start TTC anyway!!!!!!

    Hope you AF arrives soon or you get a BFP!
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