AF is making her appearence - ttc is over

Well the red cm (tmi) has appeared today which means af is just around the corner. I knew I wasn't pg as we only bd'd 3 times in the week immidiatly after the mc bleeding stopped & nothing since so it's not a shock.

Anyways hubby wants to wait 18 months now till we ttc again so looks like I'm leaving here.

Good luck girls, hope you all get your bfps this month!!


  • Sorry you leaving us. Hope it wont be too long till we hear from you again. Take care and hope you look in on us now and again. Look after yourself, Tracy XX
  • So sorry to hear that, I hope you're ok with that decision?

    Take care and enjoy life without the stress of ttc!! xx
  • Sorry to hear this hun....enjoy your time with your DD =D
    Hopefully we will see you in here again! Thinking of you xxx
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