World cup babies anyone want one????? June TTC!

Hi all I know the may thread is still running but I am out for may so thought I would start a June ttc thread. Seeing as the world cup starts thought we could try for own very own world cup puddings!!!!!!!!! May prove difficult to get our DH away from the TV for all the BD!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm praying for england to do well nothing better than DH in a good mood for lots of baby makingimage
maybe we could name any boy babies after our favourite players:lol::lol:

feel free to join in. I am waiting for AF so not sure about my cycle yet but I know it will be sometime in June.

come on England....... Come on BFP !!!!!!!!!

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  • Oh yeah im the same, dont know when my cycles will start again. I did a test today and still +ive so should get a -ive some time next week then back on track. If my usual cycles are anything to go by it should be soon as im like clockwork.

    I have added myself to ttc June thread for testing at the end of June as im sure i will know by then.

    Lots of luck everyone and have fun bd'ing xxx
  • MrsAd - 12th June
    Breghlin - 17th June - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kat-9742700 - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Muffin34 - 21st June
    Emmalec - 24th June
    Fairythalia - 25th June - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amber156 - 30th June
    Bubs Please - 30th June
    Babylove - End of June
    Rocky-kiz - 30th June
    Shazzas - End of June
    Hoping2tryagain - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3054 - 5th July
    Sally881 - 6th July
    AmberL - 11th July BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lampiekat - BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mrs Matthews - 30th July

    Lots of baby dust....... and lots of lucky football dust!!!!!:lol:

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  • Sounds great!!! I will be testing around the 21st!!! I will certainly looking at the team lists with new interest now to see if we can find the most unusual name!!!!
  • I'm in!!

    Should get AF next week then will be our first month TTC after MMC, we're on hols for a week mid june so a whole week of BDing and with any luck will hopefully coincide with ov - god I've got it all planned and all my hopes pinned on it, will be so disapointed if a BFN at end of the month!

    I'll be testing around 30th June.

    Good luck everyone - fingers crossed for lots of world cup BFPs!! xx
  • Count me in! AF arrived i'm guna test on 24th june!

    I may have to resort to desperate measures to drag OH away from the tv 4 sum BDing image

    Baby dust to u all x
  • hey hun, i'll be joining you in that but can't post a test date til i get my ov as it's so random! lol, but will be near the end of june! luckily my OH isn't in to football so no problem trying to get him away from the tv! woop! did you have ur gynae app hun? xxx
  • Yay! What fun! A bouncing baby ball for me please 3054!!

    We want a BFP for every goal scored in the comp from start to finish image xxxx
  • Hey girls
    can you put me down for the 19th please!!
    I am afraid being a good Scot I can't join in with any England support when it comes to footballimage but I will be cheering us all on for our BFPs!!

    Baby dust to us all!
    Have fun ladies xxx
  • We will have our own football team soon!!!!!
    Don't mind Scotland fans or any others fans for that matter joining in, the more the merrier. Who will be the first to score our BFP goal??????

    Yea Rocky had my appointment yesterday. They didn't say a great deal just that everything looked normal they did smear and took swabs so have to wait for results but she said she couldn't see any reason why I am not almost back to a normal cycle. Just waiting for a normal AF now shoul be around the tenth of June. Way more relaxed now no OV tests just lots of nice relaxed BD and see what nature brings. How are you getting on?

    I will add you all onto the list. If anyone gets any novel ideas of how to drag oh away from the football please share:lol:
  • Yes please - that advert says 11,000 world cup babies so we are well in the running!! I'll be testing 12th June if AF doesnt arrive before!!xxx
  • thats a good start though hun! i'm going to phone my doc again, and prep hubby to book for an SA in June, thats 11 months since our mmc, am currently taking my anti b's for my thrush in my throat so hope that this time it's gone for good!!! just feel a bit at a loss so if i can get hubby to go for the test i think the pma will come back a bit as it's something else being checked. and will make me feel more relaxed. xx
  • How long did it take you to fall PG when you had the MMC? Its only that my sister in law fell PG straight away with her first, I think it was month two, and she had a MMC, it then took her three years to fall again and had a completly normal pregnancy and has a 5 year old daughter.

    She went for test after test after test and everything was normal, she swears that being so stressed out about the TTC thing actually stopped her getting PG, as soon as she gave up any hope of getting PG again she fell.........

    She tired for number two and took the same attitude, just have sex when ever possible and see and fell in month one!!!!!!!

    I dont think we realise how much being stressed and trying to froce things and second guess things all the time affects our bodies, I fell first time in month two with no tests, not knowing anything, so I am going back to that.

    I sometimes think that we know too much, people have been having babies for centuries without OV tests and checking cervix and BBT etc etc, so I am going back to the dark ages and letting mother nature do her business, I also think if you dont know when you OV or what CD you are on the 2ww wait would be far less stressfull, you probably wouldn't know you were in it!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, hope you get everything sorted.

    I am off to get myself one of those tacky England cowboy hats ready for the first game, fingers crossed we can have a BBQ and celebrate an England win:lol::lol:
  • we tried casually for almost a year and then invested in a cbfm as i had no idea about ov etc and fel that 1st time. it may sound silly but im not actually stressed about it. yet. lol, i was more stressed at the start, i'm not a very stressful person tbh - obv that could change after hubbys sa... i'm glad ur sister had a happy outcome!!!

    i agree with knowing too much but once you know it you can't un-know it. i never knew about the 14 day luteal phase til after my mmc so when i got my bfp i was 6 weeks cus was waiting until the day of my longest cycle in that year - was great.
  • Which ever way we do it I just hope we get our BFP's soon............ Its strange really, I am not thinking about having a baby yet, all I can think about is being Pregnant, I want to be huge I want everyone to walk past me and say oh she is pregnant...... sad really but cant help it!!!!!!!

    Anyway, not putting life on hold, just going with it, cant wait for us to post our BFP, maybe we can post our BA on the same forum too!!!!!!!

    Good luck with everything x
  • It must be fate. Went shopping at tesco yesterday and got free football player cards with my purchase!!!!!! I got one England player and not sure about calling my little bean FRANK as my surname is Fardella!!!!!!!!

    Anyway I am on with the pre world cup BD in preparation!!:lol:
  • Not sure when the world cup starts, but can I have a tesing date of 10th June, or is that too early?!

    I'm also a Scot, married to an Englishman, and living in England, so I suppose I do have to support England, but only cause Scotland were cheated in their group!

    Will be on holiday for most of the World Cup, so at least if I'm not successful in June, we have a nice holiday to try again on!

    3054 - I get what you mean! The though of a baby is really scary still! Everyone around me seems to be pregnant!
  • Welcome amberl I will add you to the list never to early for good news, you could be our first BFP goal to kick start us all!!!!! Luck you having a holiday to look forward to I've just been and could do with another one already! I will update the list good luck with your testing x
  • Oh dear, that England performance didn't inspire me with much hope!!!!! We really needs lots of BFP to get us through this world cup!!!!!!!!

    Lots and Lots of PMA to everyone......................................
  • Hi 3054 - The witch found me at the weekend so onto another month I go. Hubs is away for 5 days this month but I am hoping we dont miss our 'window' . Could you add me 30th June please?

  • OMG it is the 1st of June, I cant believe where this year has gone!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to be PG again by now, but this is going to be our first real month of TTC again, I am expecting AF around the 10th of June at the latest, although no real idea of my cycle, still no signs of AF yet anyway, but keep getting lots of white CM (sorry TMI).

    Cant really loose this month, I either get a BFP or a normal AF which puts me back on a normal cycle!!!!!!!! Really keeping fingers crossed for BFP.

    I had 6 smileys faces this time on CBD OV test, so I am thinking I OV somwhere around that time which would mean I am about 7DPO, although this is a lot of guess work, since my MMC I seem to be OV really early in my cycle around CD10? Is that ok? I used to OV around CD15/16, not sure if this is a problem or not?

    Any ideas?:\?
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