Hi Everyone.....

Thought i had been having implantation cramps for the past 4 days....but due af not due i thought until saturday.....i had got my hopes up and i know i shouldn't have...really down know i hate the highs and lows of TTC after MC.

I had headaches....was exhausted the past few days....extra hungry needed to pee more often...and had a nauseous feeling if i didnt eat...


anyone in the same boat...:cry:


  • awww bless ya hun image Were not TTC officially atm but i kinow ill be anxious when we do....sad fact that the more you want it the more you convince yourself you are....then the worse the dissapointment :/ Im so sorry nowt we can say to make it better but were here to support you....maybe next month will be youyr month image Cheer up if you can hunny xxxxx
  • oh im sorry hun.. big hugs!!
    its bit hard because pregnancy sypmtoms and AF symptoms are kinda the same so its hard to know whats coming! ul get there though hun1 dont give up! image
    im still waiting for AF since ERPC which was 4 weeks ago but i no im not pregnant cos i took a test yesterday and was negative. so im out this month too! gutting and upsetting i no but gota keep hopes up! image x
  • Thanks guys....i was just feeling sorry for myself...i know there are so many people having such a hard time ttc...

    Just hate the way mother nature made the symptoms the same for possible BFP as AF...HOW CRUEL...
  • Hey TTCAM,

    I completley agree with you mother nature is a big fat meanie... I am in the thick of it as we speak. My AF also due Sat

    My SS is in overdrive and I have no clarity. I am a useless waste of space until I know the score. It's got so bad, I am even off work. I am having reflexology this afternoon to try and relax, but its too hard.

    I'm so sorry you're out this month. I really feel for you. Wouldn't it be amazing if every single one of us caught next month! Not one BFN to be seen! wondeful!

    Anyway, back down to earth and sending you lots of hugs xxxx It'll happen kiddo! xxxx
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