In bed with flu.....

and feeling bloody awful!!

It just started y'day!! Feeling achey, sweaty but cold and my throat is killing me!!

I dont know what Im allowed 2 take so any advice would be much appreciated!!

Im going 2 hang around hear until Ive been up to the EPU, thats if u girls dont mind of course!!

Ive resisted doing anymore HPT's, going 2 do 1 2moro. Can some1 tell me how 2 put a pic of it on??

Thanks girls xxxx


  • Poor wigzy.

    I know how you feel I had it a few weeks ago. Felt so rough I though no little bean would want to call me home for 9 months but like you I had to be pickedd off the floor at the weekend when I got my BFP.:lol:

    I only took paracetamol cause I was in my 2ww and someone said your not allowed ibuprofen and decongestants :cry:

    Im still hanging around here too until ive been to EPU on Friday. Hope everything goes well for you and you feel better soon.
  • Thanks BigBurd!!

    Being a nurse u would think I would know this but Im mental health!!

    I havent phoned the EPU yet, they said the last time that they would scan me at 6 weeks but Im only 4 weeks just now.

    I'll be thinking of u on Friday. Hope everything goes well xxxx
  • Parecetamol is ok to take. You can take up to the max dose a day. Last time I had a temperature late in pregnancy and doctor told me to take 2 every 4 hours during the day with a max of 8 to get the temperature down as quickly as possible. Wasn't allowed anything else.
  • Hi hun

    Im so sorry you feel so ill hun, like the girls say i've taken paracetamol in pg.

    We love having you here so stay as long as you like hun & when you do migrate to pg make sure you visit those of us who are still here!!

    Hope you feel better soon hun xxx
  • Thanks girls!!!

    laujai-your stuck with me Im afraid!! Lol!! I'll pop over all the time!! But Im sure u lovely ladies wont be far behind me!! Was going 2 wait until 2moro 2 do another HPT but OH wanted me 2 do 1!! The 2nd line came up straight away and it was almost as dark as the control so Im hoping my levels are rising as they should!! I'll try and put the pics on xx
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