at what stage in would you expect an implantation bleed...

ok so i haven't even had a period since my MC but have decided to ttc straight away. So keeping no period, i have no way of working out a cycle.

I have heard people saying that as a rough guide to a cycle you can count your first day of MC as cd1, if i did that i would now be on cd18. I stopped bleeding on cd7, and have been BDing ever since. I have mixed OV tests, with a positive on cd8 and again on cd17. So that isn't much help either.

But yesterday and today i have noticed some very slight pink/red smearing in my cm when i wipe (tmi), and just wondered if it could be an implantation bleed??? I didn't have one with my 1st pregnancy so i have nothing to compare it too. I was on a 28 day cycle before the pregnancy.

I know no one can know for sure but does anyone think my timings could be right if under a normal cycle??

I really want to get pregnant again as soon as, but if it doesn't happen this month i won't be that disappointed. I had promised myself that apart from the OV testing i wasn't going to try and second guess things this time, and even said to my OH that as i was told i may not get a period for 8 weeks i wouldn't test until then (i think i was trying to kid myself there!). But i am not feeling obsessed just excited!

any advice or shared experiences are really appreciated.



  • Hi Kat, thought I would just tell you my experience. I had an ectopic pregnancy, and after having my op started trying again straight away. I got my first AF 36 days later (which is normal cycle length for me). At about CD28/9 in the afternoon I went to the toilet and decided to check my cervix. When I stopped the tip of my finger was bright red. When I peed there was some drops of red in the toilet bowl and a bit when I wiped. After that there was absolutely nothing more that day. The next day I had a bit of brown on my panty liner in the morning, again then nothing more at all. My AF's were always regular which made me think it might be implantation, but having only recently had an op I thought maybe it had messed things up a bit.

    Anyway, when I got home I decided to do a cheap Ebay 10miu test, fully not expecting anything to show up (it being so so early, and also evening pee). Imagine my shock when a faint line appeared! So I did a FR and got another line! Obviously as I got my BFP so early (AF not due for another week) I was pretty scared, but now I have a beautiful 9 month old daughter

    Good luck xxx
  • hey Kimmy

    thanks for sharing your story with me! I love happy endings, and they are what are holding me together through all we've been through!

    I've not had any more pink/red so hopefully, fingers crossed it maybe was!!

    Only time will tell...

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