Bad day today

I had a horrible day today. I was driving home from my parent's house when I smelt smoke coming from my exhaust. I had to pull over and call the AA and they can't come out till tomorrow as they are currently so busy. I had to get a lift home from my dad with my LO who is coming up for 2. We got home really late and he was exhausted and played up when I was trying to get him into his pjamas. I really shouted at him and feel absolutely terrible about it. On top of that I have really bad cramps and feel that AF is on the way - this is month 3 of ttc post mc and I just feel really down like it will never happen again now. I really thought we had done everything possible this month and I just seem to have more and more pregnant friends at the moment. Sorry for the rant!

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  • Im sorry that your feeling so down Emma.

    Who ever said it had to be this hard!!

    Dont feel to bad about telling off your lo hun, im sure it's long forgotten & you know what there like when there tired they do tend to play up as there restless.

    Fingers crossed AF is awol & the cramps are a sticky beanie getting nice & comfy.

    Big hugs xxxx
  • Thanks Laujai. You always offer great words of advice! I am a lot better today. Well the AA are coming to mend my car and I'm feeling alot more positive. I still really feel like AF is on the way though, so it's onto month no. 4 ttc post mc for me!
  • Dont feel bad about shouting at your little one, I know exactly how yuo feel, when I had my mmc the first few days I was awful and so moody I really was horrible and snappy and then would go to bed feeling really bad. It is only natural to be like this though and they forget really quickly.

    It is so stressful when you feel AF coming isnt it? I have only just had an ERPC so havn't had my first AF yet but desperatly want to get pregnant again soon so am dreading the whole tww again.

    Take care

  • Glad your feeling better & that AA are coming to sort your car out.

    I still hope your wrong about AF but I know that we know our own bodies so if she is on her way then all the best for nxt cycle xxx
  • Heu hun, sorry to hear u had a bad day today. Chin up hun, it is a very very hard road, especially at the start, unfortyunately doing everything right and at the right time isn't always enough, xx
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