i dont mean to complain so much but im soooooo fedup with this 2ww!!!!! i am 4dpo and it is going so slow. i wana be able to test, but at the same time im scared to get that BFN.

so we bedded morning and evening of my 1st peak day and evening on my 2nd peak day so surely i am in for a good chance of BFP??!! i just no what my luck is like tho and its not good!!


  • hun, i know how you feel. im taking breighlin advice and not testing. its way too early and we will feel crap if we gets BFN's. so we be aswell be positive and just pray that our AF's dont arrive.
    the later you leave the testing the better.

    i know its tough, im a week past ovulation roughly. going to wait until week beginning the 5th July and see what happens.

    good luck hun, hold in their.

  • hey chik, i will be testing on 5th of july also so lets promise each other we will not test any earlier than that yea???
  • yeah I promise LOL.. fed up seeing BFN's!!

    hopefully we both get BFP's that week image I cannot even begin to describe how happy I will be.
    god I hope we've been successful, I caught last time the first month we tried. lets pray we are as lucky.

  • all the best of luck to you hun, i have a thread going in the forum, join in if u like and we can keep each other updated, i see you posted on there before, sending you lots of babydust
  • Hi girls,
    In a way I,m a little bit jealous of you both as Iam still waiting for my first AF after by ERPC which was 4 weeks ago and still nothing.........
    I dont even know when i'm ovulating image
  • Keep positive ladies!! I really hope you get your BFP's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fingers crossed and sprinlkes of baby dust to you all xxxxxxxxxx
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