New Years resolutions...

Afternoon Ladies,

I was just thinking about New Years resolutions and a. whether to bother with them at all, and b. If I were to have some, what would they be?

I think the obvious one is to get pregnant and keep it (both tasks are proving more difficult for me than I thought...). Although this is not so much a resolution as a mammoth challenge. A more achievable one I think is to live as healthily as possible and try to keep a good attitude with regards to TTC.

Oh, and to win the lottery and move to the carribean hee hee!

What are everyone's resolutions if they are setting any? xxx


  • I wasn't going to set any but I'm thinking now maybe mine will be to try and relax about ttc...hmmm but I never do keep my resolutions! x
  • My New Years resolutions are to make better use of my greenhouse, to try and be a bit more Kim and Aggie about my cleaning regimes and the big stop getting stressed out (as if I will be able to stick to that one!!)

  • Mine are to replace diet coke with caffine free diet coke (i am an addict!) and to eat healthier x x
  • :lol: ooo I know that feeling Mafia, I'm a full sugar coke addict, have to stop after Friday though :\( I'm 5dpo then and I'm not chancing anything!!

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  • I'm also a huge Diet Coke addict!

    Mine is to stop letting little things wind me up to breaking point and to of course eat less sugar and yummy things in favour of veg and lentils! Oh dear! x
  • I'm glad i'm not the only one! I used to be addicted to pepsi max but got myself off of that. During ectopic I needed caffine to keep me awake at work as drugs I had were potent so started drinking diet coke as never really liked it that much. Now am totally hooked. Am ashamed to say I have been known to drink nearly 3 litres in a day and at work I will have 6 cans over a period of 2 hours! Awful I know.

    Went to my mum and dad's over christmas and they have started my de-tox and got me caffine free stuff in and honestly can't tell the difference. have to have one can of normal stuff at lunch to stop caffine withdrawals.

    Currently sipping a green tea with apple and pear!

    I'm Rachel and i'm a diet coke addict! x x
  • Double post! x

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  • Im a Pepsi girl has to be out of the can tho!! Classy I know!!

    I havent thought of any new years resolutions really suppose I should get my thinking cap on!! x
  • dr pepper zero is my thing. only have one can a day, but can't make it through the morning at work without it!!

    resolutions depend on the morning's test result image

    if bfp will be trying to not panic!!! easier said than done I know. start swimming again. take healthy snacks to work.

    if bfn will be to go running more til get a bean. might enter some short fun races, can always cancel if I get bfp before them. and I will be drinking cocktails on my hols!!

    win, win I guess, tho might not feel that way tomorrow
  • not long to go gemgems!everything crossed!x
  • I have 3!

    1. Get my bloods done to see if there is a reason we have only had one bfp which ended in mc in 21 months (I have been putting it off for about 5 months now)

    2. Lose some more weight, I lost 2 stone last year, I have gained half a stone over Christmas and I want shot of at least that which I have re-gained!

    3. Try to relax more about not being pregnant and enjoy the child free time I currently have. I have been spending rather too much energy crying about what I don't have and not enough enjoying what I do.

    I think the last one will be the hardest!

    gemgems good luck for the morning xx
  • have to say i'm not keen on fizzy, if i have any it's fanta!

    Dont think i'm going to set any, each day has its own challenges enough 4 me!

    Socks' i'm glad to hear about taking the plunge to visit ur GP! you know everyone here and in LTTTC will support you hun! and i wish u the very best of luck! xx
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