Advice for my daughter please

I posted last week regarding my daughter and her mmc. She went into hospital Thursday morning for an ERPC and was discharged that afternoon. She hadn't been feeling too bad physically until today. She says that she keeps feeling hot & cold and also a bit sick.

Has anyone else experienced the same?


  • Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your daughter's miscarriage. After I had the ERPC I remember feeling gerally unwell. I put it down to after effects of the procedure and because I was so upset. Was your daughter prescribed anti-biotics? I was to prevent infection. If you are concerned she could call NHS Direct for advice?
  • Hi BabyLuv,

    Many thanks for your response. No she wasn't prescribed any antibiotics. Her O/H has rung the EPU and they say that it shouldn't be due to the procedure.

    She has had a particularly emotional day today as she wanted to visit a friend of mine who has a two week old boy. Luckily the friend was aware of the situation as my daughter had us all in tears. I was wondering if this could be the reason for her symptoms?
  • Hi, i work as a nurse and if your daughter is feeling hot and cold check if she has a temperature as this is a good indicator of an infection brewing. Does she have a tender abdomen? or any cramping? Again, this would be another sign. Infections def. can occur after an EPRC. I had a d&c and wasnt prescribed antibiotics either (i dont they are prescribed routinely), but if I were her, i'd go back to the EPU or go and see a gp and see what they think. it would be better to get it checked and start antibiotics sooner. If it is an infection, you dont want it to get any worse. Hope she starts to feel better soon.
  • Hi pretty_pink,

    She isn't having any abdo pains (well no worse than they were from the ERPC) and no cramping, it purely seems to be temperature changes and, unfortunately, I can't check her temperature at the moment.

    I will get her to ring the GP tomorrow if she feels no better.

    Many thanks, Nicki
  • Agree with pretty_pink... the only thing I'd add is how heavy is the bleeding? if it's got heavier, or is very heavy this can also be a sign of infection. Good idea to ring the GP if she doesn't feel any better tomorrow, but obviously I hope she does.
  • Hi mrslim,

    The bleeding is minimal with no smelly discharge, which makes me hopeful that its not an infection.

    I will definately get her to pay a visit to the GP although he's not particularly sympathetic!

    Many thanks, Nicki
  • Oh no, unsympathetic GPs are never good! Especially in situations like this! If she has to go and see him, as opposed to another GP, could she take someone with her for a bit of support?
  • Her OH will go with her but he's equally as distressed as she is.

    Oh how I wish I take it all away from her!!!!!
  • awwimage nicki im sorry again. i had that same feeling after my d&c and ended up with antibiotics due to an infection. try to keep an eye on her temp.
  • Hi Nikki

    Was just gona see how you all are, im sorry she's feeling unwell, like other girls say could be sign of an infection, if GP is unsympathtic see if they can get another appt with epu.

    Hugs to you all xxx
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