Low HCG levels

Hi everyone. I was wondering if you could help me.

I've been having a bit of a crap time lately. I'm 6+5 and been having pains. So my doc sent some blood away and my hcg levels are low but she said she wasn't worried at they are rising but not doubling.

Doc phoned me back and said they had booked me in for a scan at EPU. So i went on monday. Sac was empty but sonographer said i was only 5+2 and not to worry they would scan again in 7-10 days. Went back up to see midwife and she said coz sac is empty they can't rule out ectopic. So they took more bloods.

When i phoned later that day for results they said i had to come up and see doctor. My levels weren't rising properly. They had gone from about 900 to 1200 in 4 days. They have told me that i will probably miscarry on my own.

Got another appointment today for more bloods. They have told me it will not be a positive outcome but part of me keeps hoping. I'm still not bleeding and not sure how much longer i can cope just waiting to miscarry.

I was just wondering if anything similar happened to any of your guys.


  • Hi MrsKD,

    Im sorry I cant offer advice as my situation is different. But I just wanted to say that I hope you're "okay" and that Im thinking of you hun.

    x x x
  • hi, sorry to hear this what a rough time for you. i had a different situation i'm afraid though i did have a scan at 5 weeks where only a sac was seen but 7 days later there was a very prominent heartbeat, sadly ended in mmc at 12 weeks. think of you. xxxx
  • Hi there,

    I had an ectopic pregnancy in September. My hcg was lower that yours though. They need to increase by at least 66% in 48 hours to be viable.

    A classic sign of ectopi is slow rising hcg so they MUST scan you again to check it's not ectopic. Liek you, they couldn't see anything at my v early scan (4+5) but when I was scanned again at 6+2 they could see a "mass" by my left ovary.

    Because it was caught early I was treated with methotrexate. If it is ectopic (i'm not saying it is) and you're hcg is allowed to rise too high methotrexate isn't suitable and surgery is needed.

    When people have ectopics some people are allowed to miscarry naturally as their hcg decreases. Mine didn't, they kept going up and up slowly and I needed treatment. You must not be left to "wait and see" when an ectopic hasn't been ruled out.

    I would suggest you go to your EPU and sit there until you are seen and scanned until ectopic is ruled out.

    Please message me if you need any further info, big hugs x x x
  • Hi mafia princess.

    Well had more bloods done today and my level has gone up but only from 1500 to 1800. The midwife spoke to doc and i have to go back xmas day for more bloods and they're going to scan me on tue. They think its a failing pregnancy. Now just have to keep waiting. Gonna be a great xmas!!!
  • Hi there
    My situation was totally different, but I just wanted to send you my love and say that whatever happens, we will be here for you. XXSara
  • Hi hun, I can't give you any advice as my situation was different as well but just wanted to send some hugs and let you know I'm thinking of you, it's the most heartbreaking thing to know you have no control over the outcome. As m&s said we are all here for you xx
  • Oh I'm so sorry.I really know what it's like to have blood test after blood test where you end up feeling like a pin cushion.

    Have they scanned you again to see whether it's ectopic because your hcg is low rising? I am not trying to worry you, it's just that it sounds quite similar to my experience. I really do think they need to be scanning you or doing something as your hcg is going up. Huge hugs x x x
  • hello mrsKD, thats kind of how it started for me but i had spoting to sadly ended with a D&C at 8+4 due to what we found out later to be a partial molar preg. i agree with mafia it snds like alot of ectopic pg ive read on here image sorry hun! we are all her for you
  • MrsKD, I`m so sorry you are going through this. My situation was different to yours. But I do understand the pain of not knowing what was happening and having to go back time and time again to EPU. The staff at EPU were lovely and I was told if I was worried or had any questions just to call them. Maybe it would help you to speak again to them.
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