Not so faint BFP! :D

It looks like I might be having a christams pudding ladies!! image

Today is CD26. My cycles are usually 27 days, so AF due tomorrow.

I did a FR test this morning and had the faintest second line the human eye can see. It is so faint I can not take a photo, but last time I didn't get a clear BFP until CD28 (This will be Sunday).

I am cautious but excited. DH keeps trying to keep me grounded but I do feel preg and having major niggle cramps as well as tender boobs.

Also when I was having reflexology yesterday, the reflexologist said that when she conected my hormones with my womb (by pressing various points on the foot) she got a massive energy surge!

Anyway, I will do another FR in the morning and a have a CBD on stand by for Sunday!! Yay!! image xxx

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