Bye Bye... for a few weeks!

I went back to see GP yesterday, my bleeding has really tappered off, but I am still getting a bleed first thing in the mornng for a few hours and then nothing for the rest of the day. He told me that irregular bleeding is quite common after being over 10 weeks pregnant as the body has got used to being Pg for so long.

Anyway, he has put my on a ten day dose of a tablet called norethisterone, it is like a mini pill, like people use to delay a period if they are going on holiday etc. He says that this should stopped the bleeding within a few days, then have a week bleeding free then come off the tablets, I will have a withdrawal bleed and then my cycle should return back to normal. It may take a month or two but it will regulate after this medication without irregular bleeding.

So I am switching of for a few months, going away in two weeks anyway, I'll will call back in after that to see lots of lovely BFP's.......

I was going to go back on the pill, but this is a bit of a quicker option and can return to TTC a bit sooner.

Good luck all

See you in a few weeks x


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