Feeling Positive :)

Havnt posted for a couple of days! hope your all ok!
rite now im on cd 11 and im feeling pretty good! image
all wkend ive been bding image not sure when i ovulate but i reckon its around cd 12-18...
OH is working all day and night 2moro so no time for bding 2moro! but tuesday wednesday thursday and friday are the nights for me imageimage
i have cbfm but havnt used it yet.. hopefuly wont need to use unless AF arrives which if going by my 28 day cycle before mc, would be due on the 29th april! hopefuly its stil a 28day cycle otherwise im going to get so confused!! lol
Good Luck to everyone this month and lots of baby dust around!
Congrats to All The BFPS!! image

Claire xxx


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