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Hi just wondering how you getting since finishing your tablets. I started bleeding again days after finishing, very light day 1 and 2 and day 3 got a bit heavier. Still bleeding today day 4 and it isn't really showing any signs of slowing down to a finish. I am a bit worried now that I am going to go back to bleeding constantly like I was before the tablets, however the bleeding is nowhere near as bad as it was before the tablets. I am giving it until day 7 to stop....... I really hope it does as I really want to be TTC this month. I may have to get used to the light bleeding and TTC anyway!!!!!!!!

Anyway. How are you getting on?


  • hey hun! oohhhh an FAO post just for me! sorry, i didn't log on yesterday as it was my birthday so wanted a happy day! lol. Tablets finished on Monday. started to bleed yesterday so am now CD2, however Early yesterady about 4am i woke up with terrible cramps! i never get bad cramps and i never get wokem up by them! had to get up and take tablets cus i couldn't sleep! and then to annoy me even more i didn't get any bleeding until 11am that day!!!!! gggrrrrr. anyway, i've had a fairly constant but quite light AF, i normaly have a heavier one for a day but this has started off slower. luckily no cramps today though! i would def give it a while longer hun, i read that the tablets can be used when ttc on certain days to make sure the lining is thick enough for implantation so they've obviusly been making ours thicker and it could be that the AF lasts a bit longer than normal. I'd try not to worry just yet hun!. i re set my cbfm today too so in about 10 days i'll know if they've helped at least cus i won't be getting the 'high's' so early on! which will be ACE!!!! xxx
  • Glad everything seems to be going well. Still bleeding today CD5, nothing heavy, just a light flow throughout the day, some times nothing. I too am having more cramps than normal, I have got this pain in the right side of my groin, it is constant all day, like an ache, just on the right side, wondering what it could be. I am also getting period type pains, which I dont normally get. I really hope it does stop, I couldn't bear the thought of this carrying on again........ CD5 today, I've mad an appointment for the GP on Monday to go and ask some questions if I am still bleeding then. Really hope you are right that it may just be a longer AF and will eventually wear off to nothing.

    Sorry for TMI but what does yours look like, I started off with very dark red blood, but it is now going to bright red fresh blood, like it was before I went on the tablets, how ever nowhere near as irregular as beofre the tablets?
  • yeah i have had some pains today too but not as many! i'm sure you'll be fine hun.

    erm... have all been quite bright red blood but not as clotty as you'd expect a normal AF (not for me anyways) kind of only getting little clotty bits, sorry thats gross but u did ask! lol, not really bleeding that much tbh, and not what i'd call a normal AF but then it's not technically so guess it will be diff! Do u t6rack ur 'OV? x
  • Yea only with CBD though, cant hack reading the lines on the others. I got a smiley face around CD13 on last cycle, even though I was still bleeding, going to start using them again on CD10 which will be Tuesday, I have decided that we are going to go for it whatever happens this month, we have waited long enough know, bit gross maybe, but at least there will be a chance. Bleeding is very light, but still there, I am hoping and praying by monday it will stop. Been to GP today due to the pain in my right side, were ovaries would be, got fobbed off again, he just keeps saying it takes time for everything to sort it self out, relax, it will get back to normal with time......... AAARRRRGGGHHH how much time, I am 12 weeks of this now!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway things are much better than they were, just wish I would go back to normal. I hope I am OV'ing, got a smiley face, but that doesn't mean you are actually OV'ing........

    Going to have to my sticks on holiday with me....... Not bleeding so much to stop us BD'ing on holiday!!!!!!!
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