Hi Ladies,

Don't know if i have the right to join ye but i MC last sun/mon at 4 1/2 weeks and am Utterly Devastated.
the pain is unbelieveable even do i MC so early.



  • Hi, so sorry to hear of your loss, no matter how many weeks you were, its still hard to go through. Everyone on here is lovely and friendly, so feel free to stay and chat. Things will get better I promise. Zxx
  • thanks 4 ur kind responce, it means a lot that u haven't dis missed me cause of how many weeks i am.

  • sorry to hear this hun! like zoe sed it dusnt matta how far gon you are its stil our baby... it does get better though hun.. its been 7 weeks since my miscarriage and although il never forget or get over losing my baby its definately at the back of my mind now.. giv it time image xx
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