Does this sound right...?

Hi Girlies, I'm hoping you can help me out with this one:

It's been 6 days since ERPC and I've just done a HPT. I told myself I'd wait a week but have done 3! (being a bit obsessive!)

Anyway, it's negative.

Does this sound about right? Or is it a bit soon to be getting this result?

Does this mean I'll be fertile again soon? Ov soon?

I never thought I'd be testing in the hope of a BFN. Isn't it funny how life goes...

Thanks xxx


  • This is something i've been wondering about're a day ahead of me though, so i've got no advice to offer i'm afraid.
    You've been braver than me doing the tests, i couldn't bear to get a positive now, but at the same time, want to start TTC soon, so ned to get that negative result.
    You've stopped bleeding aswell haven't you? My logic is saying that means you sould be getting AF soon, but haven't realy got a clue....
    Congrats on your BFN, but sorry i'm no help!! xx
  • Yes that can be right, it's different for everyone hun.

    As you've had the erpc your levels may have dropped fairly quickly which is why you now have a -ve.

    It's hard to say when you may ov & get AF but as the hcg has gone sounds like your on your way to your bod being pre pg state.

    Good Luck xx
  • Yes, I stopped bleeding quite quickly (within hours) But this does seem a bit soon...I'm wondering if i've used a faulty test. Trying not to get my hopes up!
    I suppose it serves me right for testing!
  • Thanks Laujai, you've given me hope!

  • Let us know how you get on Opalfruit. I'm going to try and hold out a bit longer, but i'm still bleeding a little anyway. Was hoping it would stop today...maybe tomorrow?!
  • i would say so hun, its not uncommon espesh if you mc early, i was 12 weeks and it took about 15 days to get a - test... x
  • Elli I am still bleeding and today is 8 days after! Want it to stop by the weekend so we can start bding!! Too scared to test too!
  • Muffin and Elli I wish I had your control! I do regret the earlier tests I did as I knew they'd be positive!

    I really hope the bleeding stops soon xxxx
  • Think hormones are going to be all over the place this month so not sure how useful opk are going to be which is a pain as I usually swear by them and by CBFM!! Not turning CBFM until next cycle - which will hopefully not happen!! PMA PMA!!!
  • I've just started to use CBFM again this cycle & already it's doing something weird had my 1st poas today & it's gone straight to a high.

    I think they can be a bit weird after, but then saying that our last early mc was in Oct just after our mmc in Aug so it's a fair few months ago now!!!

    Good Luck ladies, ov will happen so once the bleeding has stopped if you bd there's still the chance to catch it without the opk's will keep fingers crossed for all of you xxx
  • Yes, PMA!
    I've read that opk can give misleading results for the first 1 or 2 cycles. Think just lots of BDing for the moment!

    I bought a CBFM last week, pretty sure it was just something to make me feel like I was taking steps towards getting pg again. It arrived today, I'm hoping I'll never have to use it! Which will be such a terrible waste of money but SO worth it for a BFP soon! xx
  • opalfruit I had been trying for 11 months (about 9 cycles) when I decided to purchase one. First month only got lows (but I know I only ovulate every other month - just to add to my worries). The second month I got my first BFP!! Hopefully the same will happen again and I may still become a mummy in 2010 - ton load of PMA needed for that wish!
  • Ah, it could happen Muffin!

    What a lovely present a christmas baby would be!
  • I want a CBFM now, you've all got them so i'm feeling left out!! We're meant to be waiting till AF, then just casually trying for a few months, although i'm trying to persuade DH otherwise! We were told that after the ERPC no sex for three weeks, did you get told this aswell? Want to start BDing as soon as possible really....
  • My GP said there was no reason not to try straight away if we wanted to. She said it was more of an emotional decision.
    I got my CBFM on amazon, it was much cheaper than anywhere else I'd seen it.
    I'm keen to start BDing too, may get on the case this wkend if i get another -ve. Now I'm too afraid to test incase its + again!
  • Might have a look on Amazon tomorrow, thanks Opalfruit. Don't really have a clue about my cycle, as i got pregnant pretty much straight after coming off the pill. It all seemed so easy then....
    I'm seeing my GP on Friday, so i think i'll talk to him about it. Don't really want to wait another month if i don't have to. Let us know when you test again, one test for some reason is never enough is it?!
  • I know what you mean about it seeming so easy then... I got pg quickly too. So when I've been asked about my cycles both during the pregnancy and since mmc I didn't really have much to go on! I had 2 AF and both were different cycle lengths. Who knows what will happen now!
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