itss been 19 days and I tested today...

Hi ladies, I finally plucked up the courage to do pregnancy test today.. its been 19 days since our little one left us. it was a BFN.. in one way im glad as it means my body returning to normal but at same time I felt so sad to see it in black and white that im no longer pregnant.

Although we have been trying since the 4th June, Midwife says to test 6 weeks after MMC if my period has not arrived as I may be pregnant.

Im just wondering if it could be possible that im pregnant again and its just too early.. I think I been ovulating as my cervical mucas been clear and runny so we been trying since I felt a sharp pain on my left hand side which I took as ovulating.

its actually been coming an obsession.


  • hiya hun, sorry to hear about ure loss. If you read my recent post, you could very well be preg again. xx
  • hi hun, I just read your post.. congratulations, so happy for you. I hope your good luck and baby dust rub of on me.
    I cant wait to test myself in a couple of weeks and hope for a BFP this time around.

    fingers crossed and I wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy

  • My ERPC was exactly 3 weeks ago today and finally I got my BFN this morning. like you i had mixed emotions, half of me was glad that finally I know where I stand with my body, but sad that my body is no longer pregnant..... Sending you lots of luck

    Shelley x
  • its an awful feeling isnt it.. image one minute we are having BFP and going for scans and next we are testing for BFN.. how is the world fair..
    im desperate to be happy again. I felt like I had everything I needed and now I just feel lonely and empty.

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