Day 39 of a 35 day cycle


Well I was due on monday and it's now friday and still no sign, but all test showing BFN image
Been trying for over a year now and no joy, Was advised to visit doctors to see if the would test hormone levels but is too fright they will look at me and say your young and not bother.

Any advice welcome

Lilbump x


  • We've been trying for 14 months, I'm 23 and hubby is 29. We explained the situation and even though conceiving doesn't seem too big a hurdle for us (one m/c at 10 weeks and whilst I have no idea what's going on this month, I know we've conceived at least), but we said we were concerned and GP referred hubby for an semen analysis as a first point of call. My hubby is diabetic though so I don't know if this made any difference.

    The doc did tell me that there's very unlikely to be anything wrong. He said that if I was in my late 30s and in my shoes then he'd rush them for tests but that I do have time.

    16-18 months isn't all that long a time in the grand old scheme of things, but I do know that it feels like an eternity as that's about how long we've been trying, but that in itself doesn't mean there's a problem.
    If you are worried then go to your GP and don't let him fob you off.
    A friend of mine who is 28 weeks pregnant and has had 2 miscarriages said that her gp was happy to refer her if she really wanted him to, but explained that the reason they like people to wait is that the strain of going through the tests can be emotionally so draining and difficult, and can often not show much up, that they prefer people to wait longer for their own good, not in order to keep costs down.

    Ultimately it's up to you. Sorry that didn't help much, I was just trying to be balanced! x
  • As I lost my baby my sister's little baby was released from hospital, my bfriend fell pregnant and other friends have had babies since, We really want a child and I seem to have alot of symptoms that match both PCOS and hormonal inbalance, which is why i was advised to go to the gp. I may b over reacting but it means alot to me.
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